Blog Tour and Giveaway for Heist by Kezzy Sparks.

Kezzy Sparks
Publication date: October
31st 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Thriller

A thrilling
introduction to the dark mystical world of Melanie ‘Breaker’ Perkiss, Buffalo NY’s most capable
witch hunter and spell lifter.

In this debut instalment, a dark mage acting on behalf of a vengeful ex has magically
removed the genitals of a man and vanished, leaving him wiped clean down there. And
unfortunately for the victim, he is set to wed…now imagine saying ‘I do’ while in that deprived

No wonder when a shell-shocked and heartbroken Casey walks into Melanie’s office to
report the incident, the witch hunter immediately goes on a chase, risking her own life as she
encounters dark creatures and malevolent spirits in the city’s darkest corners.

The pressure is indeed on Mel: the wedding is fast approaching and leads remain few. Will
she be able to corner the mage, recover the taken goods and save a doomed marriage, while
bringing the conspirators to justice?


Casey McLong can never know things will go wrong tonight—and that he might be
changed forever in a disastrous way. He sits in the Crooked Uncle’s bar with a tall glass
of Blue Moon, alternately gazing into the liquid bliss, and then the endearing crowd
around him. It’s time to celebrate.
In less than a week, he is set to walk down the aisle with his gorgeous Megan.
He loves her so much, and she loves him back. The venue is set, flowers bought, and
cake ordered. What, then, will stop such a beautiful thing? Nothing, absolutely nothing.
“You’re only turning twenty-eight,” some of his friends have remarked. “That’s
way too early to hit the altar.”
His reply to that has always been, “That doesn’t bother me in the least bit.”
He anyway isn’t the typical Generation Zer who will delay marriage; and he’s
happy with Megan, so where is the gain in waiting?
For a Monday, the Crooked is a little fuller. Couples sit at tables giving one
another a knowing look while they swill from their glasses. Waitresses busy themselves
weaving through aisles, balancing trays of wings, fries, wine, plus beer. A mood-setting
music is cascading down from the ceiling.
Despite that he is alone, Casey is ready to lap it all in. Megan was supposed to
come tonight, but some crazy wedding preparations got in the way. It sure would have
been nice to have her—and they could have gone perhaps to somewhere quieter and
more romantic than this tawdry dance bar, but heck, things just happen sometimes.
Mitch, his favorite bartender, always alert behind the counter, is keeping an
interested eye on the goings-on. He stands tall, and his head almost reaches to the
array of glasses that hangs neatly upside down on the ceiling rack.
“My bachelor days are at an end, buddy,” Casey says to the bearded Mitch, while
showing him the engagement band on his finger. “I’m finally taking the plunge.”
“Cheers to that.” Mitch raises an empty mug, and Casey clinks his glass against
it. “No harm in putting a ring on it. Go on.”
It’s ever during unguarded moments like these that the devil loves to pounce. Ask
Eve, and she’ll go on and on about what happened in Eden.
Just at that point, a Barbie doll of a young woman sashays in. She wears a chic
red blouse she matched with an equally chic red skirt. Her pumps, as well, are red.
Prada red!
Only on her head is there something rather curiously out of step, a black
Halloween-themed hat with a long point that droops to the side. Her long, golden curls
flow out of it nevertheless.
The lights swirl around her, setting her aglow like a mannequin. She has a way of
holding eyes. The whole of the Crooked is bewitched, and Casey is left to wonder if this
isn’t where the brakes fall off, and the train races itself to destruction…
Little, in fact, does he know that The Mage has arrived.



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Author Bio:

Kezzy Sparks is a Toronto based author and writer. HEIST is his debut fiction in the long
form. He enjoys reading as well, and lists works by Jim Butcher, Stephen King, Benedict Jacka,
Dan Brown and Kevin Hearne as some of his personal favorites.

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