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The Search For Synergy

I just cannot believe how popular “The Search For Synergy” has become. It’s blowing up, dude! Thanks to the scintillating reviews of web sites like McFly’s Book Bliss and the surging fandom of The Talisman Series readers, we cannot keep the books on the virtual shelves long enough! So, you want to get in on the latest Middle-Grade Fantasy craze? Of course, you do! Keep reading and I’ll tell you how.

Search for Synergy

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already been 5 years since I first released book one (“The Search For Synergy”) of my proposed 12-book series. Since that date, I’ve release 3 follow-up books chronicling the quests of everyone’s favorite Mast Dragon and Synergist Knight duo, Rome and Julian. They’ve come a looooong way battling The Tyrant King’s forces in their valiant attempts to protect the Earth. They’ve had plenty of windfall ups and some deflating downs, but all in all, the boys from Georgia have come out alright!

So where did this whirlwind tale begin? Right smack in the pages of “The Search For Synergy”; The quintessential origin point for everything running rampant in The Talisman Series. And what an unbelievable origin it is! 2 middle school students; one a knight-in-training, and the other a fire-breathing dragon hidden under an unassuming boy’s mirage. Together they are tapped to defend their world against the ever-looming forces of darkness in The Void. It was a rough ride, but eventually this pair completed an ancient pact giving Julian untold powers and bringing Rome out of his shell and into his true skin. Come see where the imaginative lore and unprecedented world building of The Talisman Series got its start. And follow along in the subsequent books that only get better as each page turns.

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Mr. Jones abruptly clapped his hands together and smiled ear to ear. “Great Saturn’s rings! That’s marvelous!” he exclaimed with childlike glee. “We must prepare for The Great Synergy soon. I am sure you have many questions, and I promise to answer each one. But first, I must have a closer look at you. Please come this way.”

He ushered both boys from the table and led them over to the children’s literature section. Mr. Jones walked around Rome eyeing him up and down. He extended Rome’s right arm straight out and tapped his pointer finger up and down on Rome’s wrist.

“Nothing there yet?” he asked aloud. He stomped his right foot hard on the ground near Rome’s left foot and looked squarely at him. He did it again. He did it a third time using much more force. Each time he stared firmly at Rome. “Hmmmmm. Reflexes are still inert,” he mused.

Mr. Jones stared at Rome for a few more seconds chewing on his glasses then finally muttered, “Oh, there you are!” He leaned in closer to Rome and glared decisively into Rome’s eyes. “By the Knights of the Round! I see it!” he exclaimed. Then, he moved closer to Julian. “He is going to be very powerful, indeed.”

Mr. Jones turned back to Rome and saw the look of a scared cat about to run. His excitement abated. Mr. Jones had allowed his own excitement to supersede the boy’s need for understanding. If Rome left now, there would be no getting him back and another generation would go without having made a connection. He could not wait fifteen more years.

“Please excuse an old man’s excitement,” Mr. Jones offered. “Rome, do you ever read fairy tale books or fiction of the fantasy vein?”

Rome was bewildered. “Not really,” he said, trying to find an escape route. “I watched The Lord of the Rings if that counts.” Julian cackled out loud. He exchanged a glance with Mr. Jones then walked away from the pair towards a distant bookshelf.

Mr. Jones continued. “You see, young Master, most of, but not all of those tales about wizardry and knighthood are very real. At least, they WERE very real in olden times. Especially the tomes that pertain to the kingdom of Britannia and the good king known as King Arthur.” He suddenly stood up very straight. “I am going to tell you something, and I want you to please believe me when I tell you this. You are not what you think you are. You are not the normal person you see when you look in the mirror. You come from a long blood line of great power and tremendous bravery.”

Rome cocked his head not knowing what to expect next. He squinted his eyes and glanced at Julian who was fiddling with his die. Mr. Jones stepped back and crossed his arms. “You, young Master, are a dragon!”

The Search For Synergy

Just what are these bizarre characters getting into here? An old man rambling on about tales of wizardry and knights? A dragon trapped in a boy’s body? The Great Synergy? If you want to get in on the mischief and mayhem, you have to check out my book “The Search For Synergy”.

Search for synergy 2

To Celebrate The 5-Year Anniversary Of It’s Release, I Just Made It Available In Hardback. The Perfect Gift For The Dragon Lover You Know.

Below are some links to where you can look into all the shenanigans and adventures of Rome and Julian: wiki page for the series  (Possibly contain spoilers)

Facebook.com for my other works

The Talisman Series, Books 1-4 now available

Hold your Talismans tight and keep a wary eye out for portals. Peace out!- Brett Salter


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