Junkie by Heather C. Leigh (Broken Doll #1)


by Heather C. Leigh


350 Pages

Published by Shelbyville Publishing Inc. (13th September 2016)

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My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Drug use, drug abuse, drug addiction, physical abuse

Miri is a junkie, yes, she’s ashamed of it, but she’s not afraid to admit what she’s become since the disappearance of her best friend a couple of years ago. She’s desperate for her next fix, and when her sudo-boyfriend slash dealer doesn’t come home she is that far down the drain that she waltzes into the home of Austin’s most notorious drug lord – Boss Man. She’s desperate, she just needs one hit.

Boss Man is young but he got where he is today because he is brutal. So when a strung out junkie winds up on his front lawn he is beside himself because no one just waltzes into his home like that. When he sees Miri, something inside of him warms to her, and it also allows him to see the damage his drugs are doing in the real world. What follows is an unlikely companionship which has the sparks to blossom into something more, will they both run from it though?

Sometimes I just want to read some fluff. Something that is not promising to be full of substance or be the next literary masterpiece, but something that just has a good story that pulls me in and is an easy read. I know that sounds funny considering this book deals heavily with drug addiction and abuse, but I just wanted something that I knew I’d fly through while enjoying and this book didn’t disappoint.

While books like this can sometimes be full of cliches, I honestly don’t mind. The story itself was actually enjoyable and the character development was done beautifully. We already know that there’s more to Boss Man than meets the eye when we first meet him. He’s a super young drug lord and he has so many issues hidden away that add to his character, it really made him likeable. And Miri, oh poor Miri. This is a girl who knows that her life is a mess, but unfortunately, her body is so dependent upon heroin that she can’t pull herself out. I love a good flawed character, and these two are full of them. It really makes the characters three dimensional and real which I love.

The relationship building was beautiful in my opinion. This book would probably be classed as jealous/possessive over the top alpha male, but it really worked for the story. At times I wanted to slap Boss Man, and a couple of times Miri did, but Leigh really did a wonderful job of making Boss Man come across as the drug lord who will not be pushed around or walked over. She did such a wonderful job of making him not just jealous of possessive but protective and while at times pushy, and had a lot of redeeming qualities too.

As for Miri, I thought she was a brilliant female lead. Yes she has an addiction and it’s ruined her life, she’ll tell you as much, but she has so much strength and fire inside of her. It was wonderful seeing a female character who is described as almost waifish have the balls to stand up to someone who is written as being larger than life, in all sense of the word. This was not a pushover of a female lead and I actually loved that.

There was of course also the problems of drug kingpin battles and the underground drug world of Austin in general, but I feel like that was more of a back seat story to the relationship building between these two characters and it worked so freaking well for the story.

I was honestly surprised at how much I enjoyed this that I just upped my rating as I remembered how I flew through it. It’s definitely a page turner. As said above, this isn’t going to win any literary awards but man, it was just a good book to me. If you’re into the whole jealous/possessive alpha male thing, give it a go, and if you love flawed but strong female leads, definitely give it a go. I’m definitely going to be picking up book two when I get a chance because I’m dying to know what happens next, even though I have a bit of an idea, and it really did end on a major cliff hanger.

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