Filthy Rich Boys by C.M. Stunich (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep #1)

Filthy Rich Boys

Filthy Rich Boys
by C.M. Stunich

Highschool/Bully/Reverse Harem

Book #1 Rich Boys of Burberry Prep

382 Pages

Published by Sarian Royal (27th March 2019)

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My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Actual rating of 3.5

Marnye Reed has hit the jackpot. She’s been granted a scholarship to Burberry Prep. One of the most esteemed school around. This is exactly what she needs in order to get her life on track and get ahead. There’s only one problem, The Idols have set their sights on her and don’t take kindly to scholarship students. Marnye now not only has to navigate success at such an esteemed academy, but also deal with the relentless bullying and soul destruction being heaps on her by the schools most popular students. She won’t be broken though, she’s done this before, it nearly destroyed her, but she came out on top, just like she will this time. As long as she doesn’t give into the inappropriate feelings bubbling to the surface when it comes to Tristan, Creed and Zayd…

I absolutely adored Stunich’s Adamson All-Boys Academy series, and there just so happens to be a cross over between that school and this one, which I’m dying to read because I adore the characters from Adamson, so I figured I should probably start working my way through Burberry as well. I’ve recently come to learn that I have a bit of a thing for the bully reverse harem genre so I figured I’d enjoy this one a fair bit. I won’t lie, I did enjoy it but it took a little while to drag me in, and I’m not too sure why.

Initially, I really did not like the main love interests at all, it got to a stage half way through that I actually questioned whether they would be able to redeem themselves at some point. But by the end of the book I was super invested in the characters and Marnye being a strong female character and not letting anyone break her. I was shattered once I finished because I had yet to buy book two, and I am currently on a book buying ban, so I’m going to have to wait until the 1st of April to see what happens in year two. But I’m definitely invested now.

I found Marnye to be a refreshing character in this genre. Some of the others I’ve read, they have strong female leads, but they’re always touted as bad arses and not adverse to fighting, where Marnye comes across rather normal and just a girl trying to make her way in the world without getting bogged down in the shit. She just wants to do good and to make something of herself, she wants to be able to have a successful career that she’s built by herself and she wants to earn everything, not have it handed to her. She tries to keep to herself but the bullying does work really hard to push her buttons and really get under her skin. If you’re not too keen on the bullying aspect, I’d probably skip this series as the bullying does get pretty full on, even from the love interests. I know that things will turn around, but I’m finding it hard to forgive those boys at the moment.

I won’t lie, I did find it a little bit difficult to get back into the Highschool mindset, that these characters are just teenagers, yet doing all of the things that an adult would do. I think I tried to age them up in my head to make it more palatable and less weird, as I am 35 hahahaha. The story itself is interesting enough and I’m keen to learn more about the goings on at Burberry Prep and the Infinity Club, I’m also hanging for Marnye to get her own back at those that have tried relentlessly to break her down.

There’s not too much more I can say about this story. I did struggle initially but I’ve managed to find my groove. I’m not enjoying it as much as Adamson, but then I feel like I was spoiled with the love interests in that particular series. I am looking forward to continuing this one once I’m off my no buy period and I’m even more looking forward to seeing what happens when the characters from Adamson meet with these ones. I feel like it’ll be fireworks, though whether in a good or bad way, I’m not too sure.

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