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Welcome to my stop on the book tour for The Witch and The Dreamwalker by Victoria Rogers. Click on the banner to visit the other stops on the tour! Read on for a synopsis, excerpt, my review, author bio and links, and don’t forget to enter the tour wide giveaway where you can win a $15 Amazon or B&N giftcard!

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It’s 1982, and corporate witch Vivian McKinley is determined to climb the ladder of a growing paranormal security firm. With the help of Xavier Prince, President and CEO of Prince Charms, Vivian uncovers a plot to take over the business. The pair navigate office politics and machinations to prove a psychic vampire’s treachery.

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“Here, you look like you need one of these.” Jenny thrust a shot glass into Vivian’s hand.

Vivian shook her head, “No. Thank you. This is work.” She passed the glass back to Jenny.

Jenny made a face. “Vivian, dear, this is a party. Work ended the moment you stepped foot into this ballroom.”

“Not true. This is work. Everyone here is networking. Besides, I was just talking business with Xavier.”

Jenny’s brows shot upward. “First name basis, are we? Not Mr. Prince? At any rate,” she said, not giving Vivian the chance to answer the question, “look around. People are here to attend a party. The bar is already on its fourth bottle of whiskey.”

Vivian ignored her. “I’ve been promoted, Jenny. I’m now head of R and D!”

“What? Congratulations! That’s so exciting! Wait! That means you’re my boss? Holy shit, Vivian! I’ve never had a woman boss before. You get it, Viv. Make these men quake in their shoes. You’ve got to do a tequila shot with me, then.”

“Tequila? You want me to be sick? No, thank you. I’m fine. I should talk to John. Have you seen him?”

“Oh, yeah. He’s at the bar talking to Drew from sales.”

“Thank you,” Vivian replied.

“I will get you to do a shot before the night is out.”

“No. You won’t,” Vivian called over her shoulder.

* * *

John was exactly where Jenny said he was — at the bar enjoying a glass of cognac with Drew from sales.

“Vivian!” John bellowed, waving her over. “Saw you talking to Mr. Prince. Has he taken my advice?”

Vivian grinned. “If your advice was to have me take up the mantle, then yes. Yes! By the gods, John. I don’t know what to say. I haven’t had time to process this yet.”

John beamed and took her hand and patted it lightly. “I’m proud of you, Vivian. You’re going to go far. You’d be wasted in that shop, peddling basic charms.”

“I wouldn’t call my grandmother’s charms basic. She taught me all I know. She’d have a few choice words to say to you if she heard that!”

“I stand corrected.” He chuckled, belly bouncing with each percussive breath. “Drew, have you met Vivian? She’s now the head of R and D.”

The salesman laughed at first, but when John didn’t laugh in response he quickly sobered. “What? Where are you going, John? Is Simeon finally retiring?”

John shook his head. “No. I’m retiring, Drew. It’s time I spent more time with the grandkids.”

“Oh, come on. You’ve got a few years yet.”

“No, no. It’s time to go home. I can’t compete with these kids anymore. Vivian’s ward is one hell of a piece of work. I would never have been able to dream that up.”

“The psychic vamp ward? The one I’ve got people lining up to order? That was you?” he asked while looking at her, mouth agape.

John snorted. “Of course, it was her, she gave the presentation, didn’t she?”

“I thought… I thought she gave the presentation to…”

Vivian arched a brow. “To what, exactly?”

“You know, to, to sell –”

“She’s goading you, Drew. And I’d stop with that thought right now. Vivian here knows her stuff, and she’s going to put Prince Charms on the global map.”

Vivian could hear the clack of Drew’s teeth as he snapped his mouth shut.

“I think a drink is in order, don’t you?” John turned toward the bartender. “Three bourbon, neat.”

“Oh, I don’t think that’s –”

“Nonsense. This is a party, and if you’re going to hang with the old boys you have to play by their rules. Here, have a cigar.”

Vivian stared at the offered stogie.

“Might as well join us in smoking them. You’re going to be stuck in smoky rooms and end up smoking them anyway. It’s better firsthand.”

Vivian wasn’t sure she followed John’s logic on that one, but she reached out for the cigar anyway.

“That’s my girl. Now, here, you cut them like this.” He snipped the end of the cigar with a gold-plated cutter he pulled from his pocket. “And let me get that for you,” he said, flicking open his matching lighter.

She didn’t cough. She knew enough from her father that you didn’t actually inhale a cigar, unlike a cigarette.

John grinned as she exhaled like a professional. “Now.” He clapped his hands and rubbed them together. “Time for bourbon.” He passed both her and Drew a glass and then held his aloft. “To Vivian, who’s going to shake the paranormal world so hard it won’t know what happened.”

Vivian expected everyone to sip their drink, but no, down their gullets the amber liquid went. She tried not to gag at the flavor. A whiskey lover she was not.

“It’ll grow on you,” John said with a thump on her back as if reading her mind. “Bartender! Another round.”

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My Review

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The year is 1982 and Vivian McKinley is determined to rise through the ranks of the corporate ladder and make a name and a career for herself. The mastermind behind a device that can repel psychic vampires, she’s already well on her way. Along with the CEO of the company, Vivian uncovers a plot to take over the company, working together they must bring to light the treachery they have found, all while navigating office politics, and the mixing of business and pleasure.

This was a really fun, short, easy read and it was a great palette cleanser. Set in the 80s this story deals with the inequality that we still see today in the working world when it comes to women. Rogers did a wonderful job of showing the reader how it is for women, through the eyes of her protagonist Vivian McKinley, a driven and intelligent woman who most men higher on the food chain only see as a walking piece of arse who couldn’t possibly have the brains to head a department. This was probably my favourite aspect of the story because Vivian was written as such a strong character and I absolutely loved watching her hand these chauvinistic males a piece of her mind. She didn’t back down from a challenge and she fought for everything that she had. I also loved that Vivian ended up in a relationship with the CEO of Prince Charms, Xavier, and how the story illustrated the navigation of such a sensitive and somewhat taboo (for the times) subject. Vivian fought tooth and nail to get where she was, and all of the office higher ups only saw her as sleeping her way to the top when the total opposite was true. Xavier’s character was just as well written and I loved that he really pushed Vivian to push the boundaries and not shy away just because of what other people think. He was such a well written character and not at all what you would expect a CEO to be.

Their relationship was a blossoming one which we saw in it’s infant stages and I feel that they would make a super strong duo should their story be continued, I actually wouldn’t mind reading longer stories following the pair because I think that there’s a lot of things that could be done with their story.

The story itself was well written and the perfect length for what it was. I feel that any longer would have been too long, and any shorter we wouldn’t have been able to get the character and relationship depth that we did get. I feel that it really attests to Roger’s ability in her craft as to how well rounded the world, characters and story were for only being a hundred odd pages long. These characters jumped off the page and I became super invested in their story and their mission incredibly fast.

This is the first book that I have read by this author, and it will definitely not be the last! If you want a quick, easy read, pick this one up. I’ll definitely be heading back to read book 1!

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AUTHOR Bio and Links


Victoria Rogers is an award-winning podcaster, game designer, and storyteller known for their immersive worlds and strong female characters.

Witches, warlocks, gods, and ghosts fill their dreams and stories. Consent and healthy communication are two major aspects of their work – after all, you can’t get what you want unless you ask for it.

Victoria can be found in the garden and in the kitchen making fruit wines, brewing beers, and infusing spirits. When not feeding friends, they attend tabletop gaming conventions and sit on storytelling and world-building panels, teach about online marketing, and produce live events.





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    The book sounds fascinating. Beautiful cover!

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  2. Beatrice LaRocca says:

    Thank you for sharing your honest review of this story, I like the cover, synopsis and excerpt so this sounds like a good read for me

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