F*ckboy Psychos by C.M. Stunich (Scarlett Force #1)


F*ckboy Psychos by C.M. Stunich

Reverse Harem/Highschool/New Adult/ Dark Contemporary

465 Pages

Book #1 Scarlett Force series

Published by Sarian Royal (11th November 2021)

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My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Actual rating of 3.5

Scarlett Force is a hurricane. She’ll suck you in, tear you apart and throw you out again. She is the Queen of the school and everyone who’s anyone will tell you the same thing. She races cars, and she always wins. She rules with an iron fist. And the men who love her are tougher than nails. They’ll slit your throat and keep on walking without a glance back. Alexei, Bohnes and Widow, each as lethal as the next, and they don’t get along, but have the same person in their sights – Scarlett Motherfucking Force. When a friend turns her back on the crew and winds up involved with the slimiest piece of shit you ever did see, Scarlett sees red, and she hates red. She’s determined to find out what is going on, and she will, but it won’t be what she thought. Buckle up princess and hold on tight, because this is going to be one wild ride.

I love Stunich. My first read by her was the Adamson All-boys Academy trilogy and I loved it so much I’ve recommended it to many a person and its up there as one of my favourites. I haven’t read the Prescott High series, but when I saw the synopsis for this one I figured I’d catch up with that one later and just dive straight in. I wasn’t disappointed, but it just didn’t hit as high as I was hoping.

This is a mature highschool/New adult romance with enemies to lovers and strong love-hate themes. It’s very dark and gritty, and it has a lot of sex scenes in it, all of which are consensual. Initially I found it hard to get into because of the highschool theme (weird I know because adamson all boys is also highschool themed), it wasn’t just the highschool almost new adult age that had me struggling though. It was the way the characters are acting as adults but still attending high school that I struggled with a bit, and I’m not sure why. From my understanding this book is set before the events in the Prescott High series, and Scarlett is mentioned in said series in passing, and this gives us a look at her and her life. This school is one of the rough ones, they have guards and they have metal detectors, there’s drugs, violence, murder, theft and illegal racing. I just found it a bit hard to get in the groove with high school kids doing majority of these things without anyone batting an eyelid. It is written as this being the rough side of town, so parents are pretty absent, but it was just a little hard to swallow. Books do not ever have to adhere to any rules, but I like my stories to have some sense of believability to them, and some things just came across a little far fetched for me in this one.

I love a dark story line and I love psychotic characters, it’s honestly what drew me to preorder this book as soon as I saw it pop up. Scarlett has a little bit of the crazy in her which is great, but I feel like she was trying too hard at playing mob boss what with her crew and everything they do. More often than not it came across as corny rather than badass. I was super keen to meet Widow and Bohnes, however, Widow I didn’t enjoy at all. We barely get to know him, other than where he’s come from and a tiny bit about his personality, he just came across a bit flat and wasn’t exciting for me in the least. Bohnes however, was perfect and he’s definitely my favourite character. He had the psychotic obsessed lover down, and I was here for it. He’s a ghost and was written as such which worked brilliantly. I’m keen to learn more about him as the series progresses. Alexei intrigues me and I actually like him, we got a lot more info about him and his dilemmas which I’m here for, and endeared him to me. The whole thing with Aspen, I had kind of picked, but not 100% I am intrigued to see where that story line goes as it’s different and a nice addition, if not a little day time TV-esque. It has promise. The characters were written well enough and they all had distinct voices, some of them just fell a little flat for me is all and weren’t like the rich characters that I’ve met in the other Stunich books I’ve read.

There is a story line here, but it’s pretty convoluted and I don’t want to go into it too much because I don’t want to give anything away. There’s some shady stuff going on with a realtor company buying up properties in the bad part of town, illegal car racing with cars that I don’t get how teenagers can afford, a friend of Scarlett’s taking off with a shady rich boy thinking it’s her ticket out, and a murder to solve. There’s lots of sex and I mean lots, which is fine because you tend to expect that in a reverse harem novel (or at least, I do). One thing that kept getting on my nerves though, was how sex driven Scarlett was. I like a good sex scene as much as any other red blooded woman, but it felt like Scarlett was a cat in heat presenting to any male who would look her way. It threw me out of the story a little and I’m not sure if it was meant to add to the badass, bad part of town image Stunich was going for, but for me it just didn’t quite work that way.

All in all, this wasn’t a terrible book but I feel that it’s not Stunich’s best. It came across more corny and try hard than I hoped it would, but I’m still going to continue with the series because I am invested in a couple of the characters and seeing what happens from here. It does end in a cliff hanger so be perpared for that. If you liked the Havoc series, give it a go because you’ll probably get giddy at having a character story for someone mentioned in that series. I know that I’m kind of wishing I’d read Havoc first now.

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