Brutal Boys on Devil’s Night Anthology.

Brutal Boys

Brutal Boys on Devils Night
by Various Authors.

8 story Anthology

Academy/Bully/Reverse Harem/MC

1371 Pages

Published by Coffee and Characters (1st October 2021)

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My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Devil’s Night is the night before Halloween. The night when Brutal Boys come out to play. What begins as mischief will devolve into something more sinister. Beware of Brutal Boys on Devil’s Night.

I read an ARC of one of the stories featured in this anthology and it was the deciding factor on me purchasing the anthology upon release. I was not prepared for how long the book actually was as it stands at well over 1000 pages. However, I was more than willing to dive into the mammoth of a collection, and I’m so glad that I did.

This anthology features 8 stories by different authors, and while each story had the overarching theme of occurring on Devil’s Night, each story was so different to the next and I am here for it! I won’t lie and tell you that I absolutely adored every single story in this collection, because some I enjoyed more than others, but I never skipped over any of the stories, or skimmed through the pages to finish it quicker. The only story that I DID skip over, was the one that I had already read as an ARC before release. I’m planning on buying the follow up stories to the ones that I read in this anthology, there was maybe one that I wasn’t overly keen on, but I’m honestly probably going to purchase the next instalment anyway because it ended on a cliff hanger and I’m dying to know what happens next.

The stand out story for me was Pretty Girls Make Graves by Steffanie Holmes. I was really looking for to Bea Paige’s entry in the anthology because her Academy of Stardom series honestly blew me away and I’m holding it up there as an all time favourite, I will say that I felt a little bit let down by her story, but once that ending hit, I’m pretty bloody invested and I’m probably gonna buy the series hahaha. I wasn’t too keen on one of the stories in the anthology because of the chauvinistic personality of a couple of the characters, but the way the story ended has once again, left me invested, and I’ll be buying. So in short, even if some of the stories didn’t hit as hard as others, I’m still going to be continuing them.

I feel that an anthology collection is a fantastic way for a reader, like myself, to try new authors, without committing to buying a full novel. Though in this anthology, you pretty much got full novels for the most part so I feel like it is a super wise investment if you’re into the bully/academy/school kinda tropes, like I have realised that I am. I have found new authors to keep watch for and I’ll be checking out their back catalogues for sure after reading their entry for this book. I’m pretty sure I’ve actually already gone and either bought or pre-ordered from most of the authors.

I don’t want to get into the stories themselves, because they’re all so different and each author has their own voice, it would take me hours to write on each individual story and I’d end up talking myself in circles and rambling like a maniac. So I’ll leave you with these parting words. If you are looking for new authors who write gritty, dark, and sexy stories filled with gritty, dark and sexy men; enjoy the bully trope, academy/school books, MCs (yes there’s even a Motorcycle Club story in here), mob/crime family type deals, pick this anthology up before it’s too late because I’m telling you, these stories are all winners.

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