Bound by C.R. Jane (The Fallen World #1)


by C.R. Jane

Reverse Harem/Alien/Romance/SciFi

Book #1 The Fallen World series

232 Pages

Published 19th April 2019

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My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Ella Monroe hasn’t had it easy since the Vepar came to Earth and changed everything. Working a dead end job, barely making ends meet and never knowing what actually happened to her parents has left her with a dependency on probably the flakiest person in the world, but it’s the best she’s got. All she wants to do is survive, and when three powerful Vepar take a liking to her, she does the only thing she can think of, try to run and avoid them at all costs. The problem is, these Vepar are more powerful than Ella realises and they will stop at nothing to possess her. Unable to escape them once they finally catch up to her, she doesn’t know what her future holds, or whether she will survive it, but she won’t go down without a fight.

This was my first Alien read, let alone my first alien reverse harem read. I don’t know why I haven’t delved into this side of the fantasy romance world before now, I guess I’ve seen a lot of books in the Kindle store that make the alien romances seem a bit…cheesy and over the top, and not in a good way. However, this book was not like that at all, and has made me curious about what I’m actually missing.

The alien aspects open up a whole new dimension of story telling, pushing it almost into the science fiction side of things which I’m totally here for. I loved that I hadn’t read this particular style of reverse harem before, I mean don’t get me wrong, of course a lot of the standard reverse harem stuff is there, but the alien part of the story added a new dimension and possibilities that I really enjoyed. I would definitely count this as an enemies to lovers story, which is part of what I struggled with. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the enemies to lovers trope, but I feel like Ella gave herself a little too easily given how terrified she is of the Vepar. She did put up a fight, and Jane did a great job of writing the Vepar as almost having an enigmatic pull on Ella that she couldn’t fight, so it was definitely passable, I just feel like I can’t explain what didn’t work for me, because I can’t work it out.

The story of the Vepar is certainly an interesting one and I love the blend of science fiction with the romance side of the things. I’m super intrigued as to what their actual plans are and whether Ella can trust them or not as they seem incredibly unreliable in the trust department after finishing this first instalment. It just adds to the intrigue in my opinion.

The characters are well written, though I didn’t really feel any attraction whatsoever to the Vepar characters, I’m not sure if it’s because Jane did too good of a job of writing them from Ella’s perspective of them which makes these characters come across as untrustworthy and almost sickening in a way. They are so obsessed with Ella that it made me uncomfortable at times, especially when she gave into them intimately. I feel that this is a testament to Jane’s ability to write strong characters as they all had different and easily defined personalities and I really didn’t like the Vepar at all. She did such a good job of writing them as the unknown that I felt like I wouldn’t have wanted to be near them at all.

This story ends fairly abruptly in a cliff hanger but the series is complete so it’s not a huge deal breaker. I am planning on following up with at least the next instalment because I’m curious as to the Vepar’s real intentions and whether or not Ella is actually safe with these pretty monsters. There’s a lot of unanswered questions that I was left with and I really want some answers.

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