Darkest Moon by Linsey Hall (Shadow Guild: Wolf Queen #1)

darkest moon

Darkest Moon
by Linsey Hall

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Book #1 Shadow Guild: Wolf Queen series

254 Pages

Published –  8th February 2021

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My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Eve learned early on in life that she was fated for one thing and one thing only, to be the Alpha’s mate. She never wanted this, while other’s would be overjoyed at their lot in life, she couldn’t think of anything worse. Not only was the future Alpha dark, twisted and mean, she had a secret that he could never know, she wasn’t a real wolf. The inability to shift left her at a loss, and a prophecy left her reeling. With nothing else to do, she ran away from the pack at fifteen years old and never looked back. Now an adult and incredibly adept at magic, she hides herself in plain sight. Sometimes crossing paths with the Alpha but he would never know who she was. Until one night, while paying off a loud mouth wolf with nothing better to do with his life, she is implicated in the murder of a pack member. She now must prove her innocence or face death, though death may have been a much better option as the one person she’s been running from, is now breathing down the back of her neck. Time is of the essence as Eve works with her fated mate to find the real culprit. Will she be able to solve the mystery? Or will the tension from close proximity kill her first?

This was my first Linsey Hall book, and I wasn’t disappointed. I was in the mood for a quick, easy urban fantasy read that I could just lose myself in, and that’s exactly what I got.

This story is told through alternating points of view, though mainly through Eve’s eyes. The mystery starts virtually straight away and the mates are pushed back together rather quickly, though Eve hides her identity through magic. I feel like her mate was a little bit too clueless when it came to this purely because of what he was seeing, not what he was feeling, and this did frustrate me a bit. I also worked out the twist in the mystery at the first mention of a certain character, but that’s okay. The why behind what was going on is an arc that will span the series I believe, and I feel like more will be learned about this as the series progresses, along with Eve and why she’s a wolf who can’t shift.

The characters were well written and I enjoyed the support characters a lot. I’m considering picking up the books focused on Persephone as I really enjoyed Hall’s depiction of her in this story. The other character are also intriguing and I’m sure at some point down the line I’d be interested to know more about them as well. The Alpha is your typical brooding, damaged, broken alpha male and that’s okay. It works well for his character and there’s actual reasons behind why he is the way he is, and it all ties into the rejected mates trope in this story.

This book ends in a sort of cliff hanger. Not everything is resolved and it sort of cuts off and we’re left wondering what on earth is going to happen next. It doesn’t end in the middle of a massive scene or anything, but I imagine that the story sort of fades out and it makes you want to pick the next book up straight away, which I actually did. So scratch that, I guess you’d call it a cliff hanger.

This is a slow burn romance as the main characters need to work through their issues as well as their past baggage, but there is definitely a romance spark there and I feel like Hall played it out really well. The whole pull between the mates was believable in a fantasy way. If you’re looking for hot and heavy, this is not the book for you. I’m okay with that though because I like there to be some relationship development in my romance books, insta-love is annoying.

All in all, this was an enjoyable read and it gave me exactly what I was looking for. There’s no huge plot driver, it’s just a mystery and murder that needs to be solved, character set up and world building. So if you’re looking for fast paced action that has you by the seat of the pants this may not be for you, but if you’re looking for a quick easy read with enjoyable characters give it a crack.

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