The Trouble with Witches by Kristen Painter (Shadowvale #1)

The trouble with witches

The Trouble With Witches
by Kristen Painter

Urban Fantasy/Cosy/Paranormal Romance

378 Pages

Book #1 Shadowvale Series

Published by Sugar Skull Books (13th May 2019)

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My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Emeranth Greer is determined to escape her past, and her shady mother, once and for all. She’s hit rock bottom, nothing else could possibly take her any lower than where she currently is. So she takes a last ditch effort after finding out about a long lost Aunt she never knew about, she has her name and her address in Shadowvale, what does she have left to lose?

Shadowvale isn’t your run of the mill American town, to be honest, no one really knows it exists except for those that the town LETS know of it’s existence. No one knows the quirks of the town better that Deacon Evermore, a raven shifter, who uses his curse for the good of the town, though he’d rather be anywhere else. So when Em Greer shows up, his life gets turned upside down, as well as hers. Family lineage throws Em for a loop though her Aunt is harboring another family secret that she hopes Em will never have to discover. Em is determined to stay in the magical town of Shadowvale, no matter what, and when her past catches up to her, her first instinct is to run, is she doomed to repeat history? Or is this a new page in her book?

I was intrigued by the premise of this book (I feel like I start every review with this sentence), a woman on the run who doesn’t know she’s a witch who ends up in a magical town with a secret Aunt? It sounded quirky, light and fun, and honestly, that’s exactly what it is.

Em didn’t know about her Aunt, but when going through her mother’s things, she came across an address and heads out because she has nothing left to lose. When she gets to Shadowvale, she is let in by the front gates who have the ultimate say on who is welcome. There she discovers that she’s magical herself, and meets Deacon, the handsome raven shifter who has been tasked by Em’s Aunt to frighten her off wanting to stay due to another family secret, however, it proves difficult and romance ensues.

I’d probably call this a cosy urban fantasy romance, and to be honest, not a whole lot happens in this book, but it wasn’t terrible. I found this to be more of a setup novel where we are introduced to the main characters, we learn a bit about their backstories, we’re introduced to the town and we find out that a lot of different creatures dwell there, even some more famous creatures like Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. I felt like it was setting the scene, which I guess can seem a little odd as most authors incorporate this in between a bang-out-of-the-gate opening story line that sinks it’s claws in and drags you along for the ride. This story however, was a nice change of pace, it’s literally a setup for the rest of the series (I’m assuming) with a little bit of upheaval dotted along the way to create the sense of urgency a story needs to move forward.

Em meets different characters, learns what it means to have people around you that don’t want something for you, and she begins to settle in to the mysterious town of Shadowvale. That’s pretty much the most of it, along with said romance that was mentioned earlier. Even though not a whole lot happens in this book, which I think can irk some readers, if you’re looking for something light, quirky and easy to read, give it a crack. I’ll definitely be picking up book two to see if there’s more to the Shadowvale world after we got the setup in this instalment.

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