Dark by Kat Kinney (Blood Moon, Texas Shifter #1)


by Kat Kinney\

Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

#1 Blood Moon, Texas Shifters series

285 Pages

Published by Amazon Digital Services (23rd August 2019)

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My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Actual rating of 2.75

Hayden Crowe is the front woman of an all female band from Austin, Texas. One night after a gig, she’s attacked by a rogue werewolf and her life changes forever. When she comes to, a message scrawled across her arm declares HOSPITALS NOT SAFE, counting out that avenue and fear of killing her sister leave her with no choice but to avoid going home. She does the only thing she can think of and heads to Ethan Caldwell. A barista who makes a killer coffee and the guy who broke her heart. Ethan is the son of the pack Alpha and has been warned to stay away from Hayden Crowe, but when she rocks up on his doorstep, her life in shambles, he can’t stay away. After the knowledge that someone is hunting her, he’ll do everything he can to protect her, even if it means defying his Alpha’s orders.

I was in the mood for a good werewolf book and this one sounded really awesome. Don’t get me wrong. It was an alright read, but I had a couple of issues.

Firstly, the blurb made it sound like we’d be meeting Hayden from the minute she’s attacked, this was not the case however, and it took me a moment to work out where I was in Hayden’s story. We actually meet her as she’s sitting in her car outside Ethan’s coffee shop and it’s been roughly a month since she was bitten. This disappointed me as I was really looking forward to going through the event with Hayden from the start. So I just wish the story started a little earlier in the time line.

Hayden is a strong female lead which is wonderful to see, and she doesn’t take any shit from anyone. She doesn’t just bow down and let others dictate her life which I love, and she has trouble trusting. Especially when it comes to Ethan because of their past. I like that they had a past, because it made the blossoming romance aspect flow a lot better and not have that insta-love feel which irks me a bit. Though I still feel like things moved super fast and I just wish that it had have been drawn out a bit longer and the relationship built a bit slower. I’m not much for fast burn romances I think.

I feel like this story would have been heaps better if it had have been fleshed out and spread across a couple of books, it would have given time for the story to develop more and for things to take a breath and stop rushing. The rushed feeling made the story feel a bit convoluted in places and it took me a bit to work out where I was and what was actually going on.

The story had Hayden trying to cope with the newfound knowledge that she is a werewolf while trying to figure out who was hunting her, and dealing with her feelings for Ethan. I can’t really tell you much else about the story though? And I’m not sure why. There was also some stuff left hanging which I’m guessing will be divulged as the series progresses, though my understanding is that each book will deal with different characters, which is an interesting concept and I’m tempted to check the next one out to see what it’s like.

One thing that happened that didn’t make sense at all and really stuck in my mind is that at one point something happens to Ethan and it sounds really nefarious and I feel like the story is going to go in a certain direction. Then next minute it 180s and all of a sudden there’s the good guys and it was not at all what I was expecting and not in a good way? I don’t want to give away too much detail but if you haven’t read the book, you’ll know what I mean when you reach this part of the story near the end. It just seemed like this part of the story wasn’t really needed but it was used a way to deepen the relationship between Hayden and Ethan and sort of move the plot along? I’m honestly not too sure.

All in all, this wasn’t a terrible book, but I feel like it wasn’t given the chance to reach it’s full potential which made me a bit sad. It had a great idea I just wish everything was fleshed out and slowed down a bit more so that the story being built was a solid one.

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