A Stitch in Time by Kelley Armstrong (Thorne Manor #1)

A stitch in time

A Stitch in Time
by Kelley Armstrong

Historical Romance/Romance/Mystery

336 Pages

Book #1 Thorne Manor series

Published by K.L.A Fricke Inc. (13th October 2020)

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My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Actual rating of 3.75

Thorne Manor is the stereotypical haunted house. It always has been haunted, and it’s haunted Bronwyn since she was last there at the age of 15. When she was younger she would visit the Manor, and she found that she could pass through a time slip of sorts, and visit William Thorne, a boy her own age who was living two centuries before herself. After a horrible accident, Bronwyn was taken away from Thorne Manor, and has not returned, until now, twenty years later. Bronwyn has inherited Thorne Manor and knows that she must visit to set things in order and see what needs to be done, plus, it would be a good chance to have some time to herself. When she does return, she finds that the time slip is still there, and she can still pass through it. Though what she finds is not the boy she remembers, but a man with a temper who has experienced tragedy and scandal. As they get to know each other again and old grievances are worked through, Bronwyn must also deal with the spirits haunting the current day Thorne Manor, which she soon discovers are connect to William, and the legends of people going missing in the moors. In order to move forward and heal from her own past, Bronwyn must deal with the one residing in Thorne Manor through the spirits.

I’ll be honest, I jumped on this book because it was written by Kelley Armstrong. I have such a soft spot for Armstrong so whenever I hear of a new book that has been published, I will generally buy it without a second though. I first fell in love with Armstrong’s writing through her Otherworld series, namely, the Elena and Clay books, then eventually the Savannah books as well. I have such a soft spot for Elena and Clay that I knew it would be hard for this book to live up to that, but it honestly didn’t do too bad.

I was intrigued by the time slip premise as well as the mystery. What I found though, was this book was dealing mostly with the romance and relationship growth while the mystery part of the story sort of took a backseat. Until around 80% in of course, then the mystery came to the forefront and everything was solved and tied up in a nice little bow. Which I’m stoked about. I feel like there wasn’t much more that Armstrong could have done to flesh the mystery out, as it was quite well rounded as it is. I would probably put the romance more into the historical fiction kind of style due to the fact that the love interest was born in a different century.

The pacing for me was a little bit slow, but then, I don’t read a whole lot of romance stories, as I can be pretty picky with them, so that could be why. The pacing definitely picked up towards the end of the book for me, as stated above, when the mystery portion of the story took the front seat. I thought the mystery was wonderfully planned out and executed, and I honestly didn’t have it worked out until the reveal which was great.

The story itself was well written and stayed true to Armstrong’s normal narrative which I always enjoy, there’s a great flow and feel to the writing which is always enjoyable. This story does have a HEA, at least as far as we know, I would however like to see a follow up book for Bronwyn and William seeing as how the book ended up. There wasn’t exactly anything left hanging, I would just be super interested to see how William handled things is all. I don’t want to say too much and give anything away.

All in all, this was an enjoyable book, heavy on the romance with a sprinkling of mystery tied in nicely. If you’re a fan of Armstrong’s work, give it a go, if you’re a fan of romance, I think you’d enjoy this one. Here’s hoping for a follow up instalment so that we can see how William and Bronwyn fare.

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