Where She Went by Kelly Simmons

Where she went

Where She Went
by Kelly Simmons

Suspense/Mystery/Women’s Fiction

304 Pages

Published by Sourcebooks Landmark (1st October 2019)

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My rating: ⭐ ⭐

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Sourcebooks Landmark, and the author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Actual rating of 2.5

Maggie O’Farrell is at a loss. Her only daughter, Emma, has gone off to college, and since her husband passed away in the line of duty, Emma is all that Maggie has left. So when a detective walks into Maggie’s hair salon to inform her that her daughter is missing, her world crumbles. She begins to think how a cop would think, trying to stay one step ahead because she NEEDS to find her daughter and the police force just aren’t doing enough. She knows how they work, her husband was a police officer, so she knows the drill. What she didn’t count on was the possibility that Emma’s disappearance has to do with a ground shaking story that she was chasing for the University Newspaper. What has happened to her little girl? Will this story end in heart ache or a reunion?

I love a good psychological thriller, but I feel like this doesn’t really fall into that category. I honestly don’t really know WHAT category this falls into….maybe women’s fiction with a hint of mystery? So I felt a little let down because I figured this would fall into the psychological thriller category, that however, is on me, not on the book or the author, of course. Never assume!

ANYWAY! So the story is told through alternating points of view between Maggie and Emma. Maggie’s POV is seemingly told from the the present, while Emma’s is told from the recent past. I liked Emma more than Maggie, I’ll say that straight off the bat, though, towards the end, maybe for the last thirty odd percent of the book, I realised that I didn’t really like either of them. Their characters were both so incredibly judgmental, and apparently both neurotic as well.

Maggie is an incredibly unlikable character pretty much from the get go and it honestly doesn’t change. She is a stark raving lunatic by all accounts, and she doesn’t really have any redeeming qualities. Yes, I understand that her only daughter has gone missing and she can’t contact her or find anyone who seems to know what has happened to her, but for crying out loud woman! CALM DOWN AND LET THE POLICE DO THEIR JOB!!!! She undermines the police at all times, she yells and screams, and does the most insane stuff like talking a teenage girl into swapping shoes with her so that she can sneak into a party to try and find her daughters roommates so she can question them on her daughters whereabouts. This is not something that a well adjusted adult does. And because she is a salon owner, she is constantly judging people by their hair, and on a few instances had compared something totally unrelated to hairdressing, it just came across as bizarre. Emma for the majority of the book, seemed like a nice enough person, until, as mentioned above, the last 30% odd of the book. She became just as judgmental as her mother and had such a strong dislike for people who may or may not have been sex workers that it kind of put me off. You cannot judge a person by the job that they have, whether that job is out of necessity, or preference. It really gets my goat when people do this, as I’m judged on the daily for my current job (FYI I work at a supermarket).

The story was fast paced enough, but not much really happens. The intrigue of what happened to Emma kept me going because I was interested to see which route the story would take, as there were a few possibilities of how things could have ended up. I’m annoyed that we didn’t get closure. We never find out what became of this ground breaking story that Emma was working on, we never get any closure at all on the things she found out and whether any of the supposed things that were going on were actually true or just figments in her head. So this bugged me quite a bit. When the revelation came about and we found out what happened to Emma, I was kind of hoping it was going to go a certain way, but it didn’t, I feel like the story would have been way better if it had have gone the way I thought it was going to (I’m being extra vague here because I don’t want to spoil anything).

There’s honestly not a whole lot more I can say about this story. It had a really great premise and a great idea behind it, but the execution just wasn’t that great and I feel like this could have been an absolutely AMAZING story, but just fell short on a lot of things. The characters were unlikable and judgy and we didn’t get any closure of anything else other than what happened to Emma. I felt like I was invested in so much but got nothing out of it.

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