Grave Humor by R.J. Blain (Magical Romantic Comedies #10)


Grave Humor
by R.J. Blain

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Comedy/Romance/New Adult

388 Pages

Book #10 in the Magical Romantic Comedy series

Published by Pen & Page Publishing (12th May 2020)

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My rating: ⭐ ⭐

I received a copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours as part of the blog tour for this release.

Actual rating of 2.5

Anwen works at the local funeral home, spending most of this time trying to convince the dead to stop making trouble so that she can get a bonus and buy some of those delicious honey rocks that make her soul sing. So when old man McGregor decides to stir up a bit of said trouble, Anwen learns that there’s more to the funeral home basement than meets the eye. Not only the dismembered vampire they’ve been storing, but the strange John Doe that has been kept on ice the whole time she has been an employee. What follows is a whirlwind of a ride that will turn Anwen’s world upside down, and possibly for the better.

This book’s synopsis intrigued me, hence signing up for the blog tour. It sounded like something right up my alley and also sounded like a light hearted fun read, which honestly, is what I was looking for at the time. And while this was definitely lighthearted it just fell a little flat for me.

The characters and bits of the story were interesting enough that they kept me engaged enough to finish it, but I will admit, I considered DNFing it a couple of time because I just felt like I wasn’t really getting anywhere with it. The story line was simple enough, Anwen finds out that there’s more to the John Doe in the basement, she dubs him Arrogant Arsehole, and some form of this name carries through for the most of the book. This irked me a bit because I found it a liiiittttlllleeee childish. Once or twice when warranted would have sufficed for me, but the name stuck and I can’t help but think it was to add a bit of comedy to the story, it just took away from it for me. Anwen comes across quite childish a lot of the time, I get that she’s like 19 years old and 19 year olds are still technically children, but it really showed in her mannerisms and dialogue, I feel that Blain intended this to endear the character to the reader, however for me, it just made her come across as a bratty child with a chip on her shoulder (which I understand because of her childhood and her dickhead parents). While Anwen annoyed me, I didn’t hate her, I did feel for her character and I would have liked to see her grow up through another few volumes or so of the series, so I kinda hope we get to meet her again somewhere along the line. The rest of the characters were interesting, and my favourites would have to be Satan and the vampire.

Initially, I was a bit confused trying to wrap my head around the world and it’s rules and workings, as this was my first foray into Blain’s magical romantic comedy series, but I think I’ve got it, and if I’m right, all the characters make cameos in each other’s books, which I think is absolutely amazing. I love a series where characters do this I feel like it really creates a strong world and makes it more enjoyable for the reader because you get that giddy “HEY! I KNOW THOSE GUYS!” feels.

The story line was easy enough to follow, but at times the writing made it seem a bit convoluted and all over the place. It just felt overall, a bit messy and like it needed a little bit of streamlining to help the pacing and the plot itself stay linear. Also, I understand that it’s a magical romantic comedy, but I felt like at times, it was trying to hard to be funny that I just found it not; as well as the constant thoughts from Anwen about how good looking the Arrogant Arsehole was or how much she wanted to jump his bones and get him into bed. It just became repetitive and a little bit on the nose after a while, I get it, you think he’s attractive, can you please stop telling me about it and do something?

All in all, this wasn’t an absolutely terrible story, I just feel like it fell a bit short of my expectations. I’m not completely giving up on the author though, I’m wondering if I went back to the beginning and started from there, whether I would enjoy the series more than having jumped in at book number 10. If you like a lighthearted read with a FMC who’s got a chip on their shoulder the size of Texas, give this one a crack, otherwise, try any of the other numerous installments that the author has to offer in this interesting series.

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