Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi (Legacy of Örisha #2)

Apologies for such a delay in reviews, as you probably know, Australia is being ravaged by bushfires right now, I’ve had to evacuate my home, so I’m doing my best. Thanks for understanding x

Children of Virtue and Vengeance
by Tomi Adeyemi

YA fantasy

404 pages

Published by Pan Macmillon Australia

Published on the 3rd of December 2019


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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Pan Macmillon Australia, and the author, via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Children of Virtue and Vengence picks up where it’s predecessor left off. Zelie and co have succeeded in bringing magic back to Orisha, and now their sights are set on the monarchy who have brought them nothing but pain. Not only has magic been brought back to the maji, but some of the nobles who have magical ancestry within them. The fight for Orisha will not be as easy as first thought now that there is a new magical foe to face. The fight rages on and Zelie a tempts to put Amari on the throne before Orisha crumbles underneath them. Can Zelie lead the maji to victory before it’s to late?

Actual rating of 3.75

When I saw this available for request I nearly died. Then when I was accepted to review it I thought I was dreaming. I’ve got so many eARC galleys still waiting to be read, but I just had to push this one to the front of the queue. I absolutely fell in love with the first instalment, it really touched on some real world issues in a YA fantasy setting that was incredibly relevant to what has been happening over the last few years.

The characters are the same that we fell in love with in CoBaB, though I have to admit, I wanted to simultaneously shake, slap and throttle three of them. For a good majority of the book, Zelie is wallowing in self pity and is really laying on the woe is me. I’m not going to lie, it really began to bug the hell out of me, I get it, she’s gone through a lot, but there is no time to wallow and cry about it, we have a monarchy to take down and a new world to usher in!! And Amari, oh Amari, I found myself absolutely appalled by a lot of her decisions, her opinions are valid but come on woman, THINK!! Ask yourself, “would my rather have done this?” If the answer is yes, DON’T DO IT!!! I have however developed a major soft spot for Roën.

There’s not a great deal of worldbuilding happening in this one as it was mostly set up in the first one, however we are treated to a beautiful setting that is ancient to the maji and I adored it. Some truths come to light about the war and such, and while it did give me a holy crap moment, I was not surprised by the revelations.

I did find the pacing at times to be lagging a bit and it felt like it took me WAY too long to get through something I was so excited about. Granted, I’ve had a lot going on lately, it still took me a while to get through it. I feel that the story really ramped it up in the last 20% hence the higher rating, and the cliff hanger has definitely left me hanging for the next one!!

Apologies for the short review, I’ve been impacted by the bushfires ravaging Australia at the moment and am typing this on my tablet, so short and sweet is where it’s at right now x

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