Trapeze by Leigh Ansell


Trapeze by Leigh Ansell

Published by Wattpad Books

Due to be published on the 10th September 2019

336 Pages

Contemporary/ Young Adult

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My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Wattpad Books, and the author via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Corey has been with Cirque Mistique since she was two years old. It’s all she’s ever known, and she’s fine with that. She has a family in the rest of the circus crew as well as her Aunt Shelby. She’s part of the trapeze team and loves every second of the gruelling training that Silver puts her through. When they roll into Sherwood, it’s just another stop on a map filled with pins, however, this stop will change the entire circus’ future and none of them know it. After an accident on opening night, Corey is soon thrust into the real world where she is sent to live with the mother she hasn’t seen in fifteen years, who she’s knows nothing about and hasn’t even spoken to. Now she finds herself having to navigate a life that seemed to be part of another world, a world she’s never lived in. She must make her way through high school, making friends, first love and the awkwardness of her home life. Feeling more scared of this than having her body suspended above a crowd by a piece of rope and wood, can she do it?

A young adult contemporary story about growth, learning and making tough decisions, Trapeze was a really enjoyable read. I’ve discovered that I really enjoy reading these kinds of books where as I never would have even looked twice at them even 18 months ago. The first thing that drew me in was that cover, can we please just take a moment to bask in how beautiful it is?! I know, I know, the book is called Trapeze and the girl on the cover is clearly doing aerial silks, but that’s beside the point. There are aerial silk artists in the circus so it’s not entirely out of left field, it just doesn’t exactly fit with the title. But still. It’s so freaking pretty!

When I first started the story, I couldn’t help but be incredibly annoyed by Corey, our main character. It’s a ritual for her at each new town to wander off and have a meal in the first restaurant that she comes across, this meal generally dictates how opening night will fare. If the meal is good, the night is good, if the meal is poor, well, so is opening night. She finds herself in a diner called Joe’s, having a conversation with a local boy, Luke Everette. When he asks about her, she has no problem gushing at how she’s an exotic trapeze artist with the travelling circus and basically talking herself up to no end. I understand being proud of your achievements and being proud of what you do, but this was bordering on arrogant boasting. So I didn’t like her for about the first quarter of the book. She’s a very caring character, and this is illustrated as the story progresses, so if you find yourself being irritated by her at first, I implore you to persist because she does get better. It takes the accident for us to get a look behind the mask she so carefully wears, we get to see the insecurities, the worry, and the anxiety that she has when she thrust into something that she’s never had to deal with before, namely, life.

I know a few people said in other reviews that I read that they thought the circus and trapeze would be a big central part of the story, it’s because of these review that I went into the book knowing that for the most of it, that wasn’t the case, so I think I enjoyed it a lot more having known that. Yes the circus and trapeze is a big part of Corey’s life, but it’s not really at the forefront of the story, this story is about a girl just trying to get through a situation that left her feeling lost.

The supporting characters were great too, I loved Luke’s character and how much depth there was to him, I also enjoyed Kim and George and even Claire to a degree. All the characters were written really well, distinctively different from one another.

I love how Ansell put a lot of focus on the strained relationship between Corey and her mother. I enjoyed that it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies from the minute they met again after fifteen years, because we all know that’s not entirely believable. The relationship that Ansell created here was written beautifully and executed really well.

This book isn’t as light as it may seem, it does deal with some pretty heavy issues in the form of (view spoiler). But it deals with these issues so well. I had worked out early on what was going on with something, but that’s neither here nor there really, it was still a great addition to the story and really added another dimension to it.

The story itself was good, it was well thought out and executed and even had a dash of mystery thrown in which I thought was absolutely great. One of the biggest things I loved about this story was (view spoiler) decisions were made and things happened and it really worked for the story, if it had have gone the other way, I doubt I would have enjoyed it as much when I put it down finished.

All in all, a wonderfully written debut by a promising author. I can’t wait to pick up the next book!!

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