Fold by M.V. Stott

Fold: A Strange StoryFold: A Strange Story by M.V. Stott

My rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐



Abigail is afraid. First she saw the creature hiding behind the bins outside, the creature is…odd, it doesn’t really look like anything Abigail has seen before. She told her parents, but they said it might have been a rat, she knows that it’s not though. That night, she felt the creature in her room. Trailing it’s fingers across her skin. She told herself that she’s just dreaming, though she knows that she’s not. The creature is coming closer and closer, and her parents keep telling her she’s just dreaming. But she knows she’s not. What does the creature want? And what will it do if it gets too close?

From memory I received this from the authors mailing list, I think…I can’t quite remember. Anywho, this was a super quick read, I mean, a matter of pages quick read. So there’s possibly not much that I can say about it without giving too much away, but I’ll try my best.

Abigail is being plagued by a creature, she doesn’t know what it is, or what it wants, and her parents don’t believe her. I think this is quite common as a child, though we know that the things that go bump in the night aren’t exactly going to jump out and eat us (as adults anyway), but as a child these things seem SO real. I was transported back to a child while reading this. Abigail’s fear and terror were so palpable, which for such a super short story is absolutely fantastic. I remember being SO terrified of the things that don’t exist, that they were going to take me away, kill me, kidnap me, any number of horrible situations. So knowing as the reader, that the thing that Abigail was dealing with was very real, gave me chills.

I think it’s a testament to Stott’s ability that in such a short story, it made me feel cold and scared and alone. I really felt for Abigail because you have the sense that time is running out, and if she could just get proof, everything would be okay and her parents would believe her. But it’s not that easy and not that cut and dry.

There’s not too much that I can say about it without giving anything away other than it definitely succeeded in giving me the creeps and I really enjoyed the read. If you can get ahold of this one, I’d definitely recommend if you’re horror inclined. Well written, well executed, and all round, bloody good show Stott!

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