Wolf On the Job by Amanda M. Lee

Wolf On the Job: A Covenant College ShortWolf On the Job: A Covenant College Short by Amanda M. Lee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Aric Winters and his wife are happily married, and they now have a little firecracker of a daughter, Sami. To anyone else, this would be a normal family situation, however, Aric is a wolf shifter and his wife is not, she is a mage. This means that their daughter Sami is a half breed. This doesn’t matter to them one bit as they love her for the crazy fun little girl she is, when Aric’s father rocks up with the council in tow, things get strained. Aric’s father wants him to be more active in the wolf community, Aric however, does not. The disagreements and arguments are put aside though when one of the men who joined the council in the journey disappears. This leads to an investigation of what happened to him, what caused the death of the man who turns up in the woods and just how much is Sami already developing in her otherworldly abilities?

Now, I haven’t read any other book in this series, but it didn’t stop me from picking this up. I find that novellas and short stories, even if they’re set further down in the series reading order, are a great introduction into a series and I can find out if it’s something that I would enjoy investing time in. I definitely have to admit that this is a series I will be checking out. I’ve read a few other of Lee’s series and have enjoyed them quite a bit, so I see that this one shouldn’t be any different. Though from my understanding, this book is set AFTER the college years of Aric and his wife (who’s name I cannot remember for the life of me right now…), where I believe at least the first half of the main series is set in the college years.

I didn’t find that I was missing information by going into this story without having read it’s predecessors, there is mention of a break up that happened in their college years, but it doesn’t really add much to the story, so not knowing exactly what happened didn’t take away from this story at all.

I found the characters to be super fun and intriguing. Some of Lee’s characters have a tendency to grate on me at times, but I didn’t experience it in this story, so I’m hoping this is a series that won’t spark moments of annoyance for me haha. I’m intrigued about Aric’s wife’s abilities as she seems to be quite strong, and I rather enjoyed seeing her totally kick the arse of those that got in her way when it came to wanting answers. I feel like I will really enjoy her character, which makes me more excited to dive into this series because I’m pretty sure it’s told from her point of view, at least at the start anyway. Aric seems like a great character and I’m intrigued to learn more about his past and the wolf council his father is so adamant he be a part of. And Sami is a total firecracker and a well rounded character for a child.

The story was intriguing and I didn’t find that I had worked stuff out before it’s due time which I always like. It’s never fun when you work everything out before the characters do, it just makes the story seem to drag when that happens. This story, I had no idea the motivations behind things that were being said or that were happening. I feel like the ending may have been the tiniest bit rushed, but it honestly didn’t impact the story itself at all. Everything was tied up in a nice neat little bow, which for what ended up being found out and happening seemed TOO perfect, but I’m hoping that these acts can be revisited later on in the main series.

All in all, this was a great short story that comes in at around 115 pages long. It’s a fantastic introduction into the world of the Covenant College series as well as the characters. I cannot wait to dive into the main series and see what unfolds!

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