Beast Out of Hell by Camilla Ochlan & Bonita Gutierrez

Beast Out Of Hell: An Urban Fantasy With Bite (A Werewolf Whisperer Novella Book 3)Beast Out Of Hell: An Urban Fantasy With Bite by Camilla Ochlan

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Actual rating of 2.5

Lucy Lowell and Xochitl Magana are on their way to Granny’s house, and no, this isn’t some warped fairy-tale. Lucy is the werewolf whisperer, and Granny has called with a problem, her granddaughter Jamie is in love with Reaper, a werebeast who is also part of the Hell Hounds biker gang. A gang that is up to no good and are hellbent on destruction. Lucy and Xochitl will have to make a choice – save the humans, or save the beasts.

I didn’t realise going in that this was actually further down the series and I feel that this may have impacted my thoughts, feelings and rating on this one. I love urban fantasy, it was is the genre that got me back into reading after a 10 year hiatus, I especially love it when the punches aren’t pulled, and it’s dark, gritty and brutal. So this one definitely ticked the box in this aspect, it actually turned out a lot darker, grittier and brutal than I was anticipating if I’m honest, and that’s awesome.

Granny has called the girls in because her granddaughter Jamie is in love with Reaper, and Reaper is in a world of trouble. He feels indebted to the gang as well as the Alpha and president – Zeke, because Zeke saved his life. However, he doesn’t want to be a part of the gang anymore because he can sense that things are only going to get worse. He wants to run away with Jamie and make a life for themselves, and he’s terrified that Zeke will find out about her.

The story happens over the span of around 9 hours. The POV jumps between Lucy and Xochitl and Reaper. Lucy and Xochitl’s POV is happening in present time, while Reaper’s goes all the way back to 9 hours previous. It might sounds confusing, but it’s actually not. I thought this was a clever way to explain what’s happening now, as well as what lead to the current place that our characters find themselves in. Though I have to admit, for a good portion of the story, I thought that between Lucy and Xochitl, Lucy was the POV I was reading, I eventually worked out that it was actually Xochitl’s POV and NOT Lucy’s. This did confuse me I have to admit. So most of the time I was sitting there thinking “what on earth is going on?” because I just couldn’t grasp the story telling.

I enjoyed the character of Reaper, he had a troubled past, littered with mistakes and wrong doings which made for a wonderful dimension of character development that had happened previous to this story, but it still gave the illusion that his development had happened while we were reading it, to me it did anyway. I can’t really say much about Jamie because she wasn’t really a front runner here, she was a support character, and as that, she worked well. She helped drive the plot and the story forward as essentially, Reaper was doing all this for her and her safety.

The story was okay, I wish I liked it more, but as I said above, I may have had I realised that this wasn’t the first book in the series I may have had more connection to Lucy and Xochitl. At times the pacing lagged a bit, I actually considered DNFing at a few different points through the read. There was stuff happening, but I just didn’t really care, I felt disconnected from the characters for most of it, and the only character I really cared about was Reaper.

Once I actually finished this, I felt like Lucy and Xochitl were totally unnecessary characters here. And I know that sounds stupid because this is part of their series, but they rocked up, spoke to Granny, Reaper and Jamie, then the focus was on Jamie and Reaper for most of it, then there was a situation, a fight, and then they left. They just felt so unnecessary in this story, I almost feel like this would have worked better as a side story that just focused on Granny, maybe? Lucy and Xochitl just didn’t add anything and I almost feel the story would have been better without them.

The epilogue. I don’t get it? And this could be a part where I really needed to read the previous books in the series because it made no sense at all. I get what it was about. A guy is following the trial of Lucy Lowell and it seems to have to do with a previous case involving a Santa. The person writing the posts is so sure that the government is hiding stuff and he’s wanting to blow it wide open. The whole thing just felt so damn unnecessary. I don’t even know why it was included? I read the first….page, I think? Maybe the first two? Then I just skimmed through the rest because it seemed to have almost nothing to do with what I’d just read.

This one just wasn’t for me I’m afraid. I wish I liked it more. The characters were well written and the world seems interesting. I just couldn’t get into. I may attempt to read the first book in the series and see how I go with it, hopefully it can fix things up for me.

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