The Vampire and the Paramedic by Jamie Davis

The Vampire and the Paramedic (Extreme Medical Services 0.5)The Vampire and the Paramedic by Jamie Davis

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Actual rating of 3.5

James and his good friend Rudy find themselves in a terrible situation when a truck runs into the car they are travelling in. Not knowing what else to do, and being afraid of forfeiting Rudy’s life should he do nothing, James calls 911. It may seem like a no brainer in this situation, but there’s something else, James is a vampire and Rudy is a werewolf. Calling 911 is a trial of sorts as there is a new faction in the paramedics that is dedicated to those who are…Unusual. It’s because of this call out that James meets a Station U paramedic called Brynn. She expertly tends to Rudy’s injuries and ensures his survival. James finds himself intrigued by the human paramedic and wants to know more about her. This story is centred around James, his newfound interest Brynn, and the Station U project.

I received this book in an email freebie, it seemed interesting so I figured why not. It was a fairly enjoyable read. Brynn is around 30 years old and works as a paramedic for the supernatural side of the unit. There’s only a certain amount of people who are aware of the supernaturals that live alongside the humans, also known as Unusuals. James is a fairly old fashioned guy, I mean, if you’d lived as long as he has then you probably would be too. So when his normal ways of garnering affections from Brynn don’t work how he planned, he has to come around to a more modern way of thinking. He does this by creating a type of internship program where Brynn will observe the Unusual community in order to learn more about them, and also to show that he supports the Station U project himself and has full faith in it.

The world building was done well, the little bits and pieces that Davis added to our world for this story blend seamlessly, and while there’s not a whole lot that is different, it’s still got some tweaks. I particularly like the Barrens, something about the more ‘underground’ and wild, old ways community just really struck a cord with me. I loved the way the story played out in this scene and I think it was brilliantly done.

I must admit, I was annoyed with both James and Brynn on separate occasions. James because come on, yes he’s lived through many different eras, yes he’s old – I mean, he’s dead for crying out loud – yet he still has trouble with the whole ‘don’t buy a woman who was just doing her job a jeep’ thing. While yes, I could see it from his perspective of wanting to reward her for her exceptional skills and quick thinking, but at the same time…he has to have SOME idea of the value of a dollar and realise what an extravagant gift a car is to give to someone who was JUST DOING THEIR JOB. And on the other hand, Brynn annoyed me in parts because she had the whole ‘I’m a strong independent woman who don’t need no man’ mentality coming across. Yes, she’s independent, yes she’s strong, and of course we can see that she doesn’t need anyone looking after her, but for some reason it just irked me when that part of her personality came out. Maybe I’M too old fashioned, like when someone offers you a gift, and you refuse on the grounds that it’s too expensive, and they insist, I find it polite to just accept the gift even if it IS super over the top and you feel guilty about accepting such a lavish thing. I find it rude to make the giver feel embarrassed and shitty because you’re adamant that you’re not taking it. In the end, it’s the thought that counts. So I was in a bit of a conundrum with these two characters at times.

I did really enjoy how the story lead us slowly through the exploration of these two people while they were getting to know each other, and I love how there wasn’t really any ‘filler’ in the story. Even if weeks went by, the story was still centred on the growth of James’ and Brynn’s relationship which I enjoyed. Overall, I did really like both of their characters. You could tell that James was an old soul, and you could tell that Brynn was trying to learn as much as she could about this world that she seemed to be getting more involved with. Their totally different voices were fantastic. Sometimes and author can struggle to give characters defining personalities and voices, but Davis has it right!

At times I felt like the story was lagging a big in pacing, but once things started to evolve more between the two characters, the pacing seemed to flow a lot better for me. I feel like at times the dialogue and sentences were too polished? With James I can understand as he’s old world, but with Brynn I felt like her dialogue wasn’t lax enough for her age. That’s just me though.

I am interested to see where this story goes, so I’ll be picking up the first book in the series once I whittle down this ridiculous TBR pile I’ve got going on. I feel that this was a good start to the series as it gives us insights into the beginning of what I’m assuming is a full blown relationship in the main series itself. It’s nice to see where things started.

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