Rogue Fae by Ashley McLeo

Rogue Fae (Starseed)Rogue Fae by Ashley McLeo

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Gwenn is visiting America from Ireland. She’s a witch, and she’s here for a good time. So after meeting fellow witch Rena after attending a Cher concert, fireworks start to fly. Soon they find themselves on a road trip across the US which lands them in Nashville where they meet Emily, an empath who’s had a rough go at life recently. They decide to spend the night with the local coven, however, their relaxing vacay is soon put on hold when chaos erupts at the coven house. A coven member has been found dead and it is believed to be connected to two human deaths in town as well. It’s all believed to be the work of a rogue fae. Gwenn, Rena and Emily offer to investigate and turn up more than they bargained for. What lengths would someone go to to keep a secret that is attached to a decades old feud? And will Gwenn, Rena and Emily pay for getting involved?

I enjoyed this one more than I thought I would, but it still left a little to be desired for me. I was under the impression that it would lean more towards the fantasy side of the spectrum, than the urban side, but I was wrong. There was a nice balance in this urban fantasy tale. I’m a sucker for anything that has witches in it, so when I got an email that had this as one of the bookfunnel freebies, I honed straight in on that sucker and added it to my monstrous TBR list.

I found the length of the story to be just right. The pacing was okay, but felt like it was dragging a little in places, so if it were any longer I feel that it would have just become downright dull at times. The characters were interesting enough, I really liked the character of Rena and I loved the contrast between Rena and Gwenn. My understanding is that this is a prequel to the Starseed series, and this story actually follows secondary characters in that series (I could be wrong). Having not read the series at all, I was not familiar with these characters before this book, however, I love it when authors do write these short stories and novellas that centre around background characters that gives the reader insight into another aspect of the world that they created. So I’m interested to check out at least the first book from the main series after reading this, so I feel that it has done it’s job.

The story itself was interesting enough, the mystery wasn’t overly a mystery. I knew that there was something off with a certain character basically as soon as they came more into the foreground of the story, exactly what it was, I didn’t work out. So it was sort of a 50/50 on the mystery aspect. The story was believable (as believable as fantasy can I mean) and it did carry a sense of ‘realness’ to it which I think is incredibly important in and urban fantasy series. I would love to see more about the rogue fae themselves, well, more about the feud that is mentioned as well as the fae themselves. I think that the world building was done well in this story, and as it’s my first introduction to these characters and this world, I can say with honesty that the world building really was done great. There’s no info dumping which can become tedious and overwhelming at times, and we learn enough about the world that the story makes complete sense.

I loved the inclusion of Emily’s character, I think it was great that she was given a chance to evolve and grow over such a short story, I do hope she is a regular in the main series as I would like to see more from her. I loved that each character also had their own voice, it can be difficult sometimes when all the characters “speak” the same in a story. Though I must admit, on the first page I was pretty confused, I wasn’t actually sure who was talking, whether it was Gwenn speaking or this other chick that she’s with. That’s the only issue in the comprehension of the story that I had. I feel that a quick go over with another short edit could fix this in no time.

All in all, this was a quick, enjoyable read that has made me intrigued about the main series that it’s connected to. I’m interested to learn more about the characters that we met in this story as well as the world that McLeo has created. I’ll be continuing with at least the first book in the main series to see how I feel about it.

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