The Witch’s Kiss: Episode 1 by Antara Mann

The Witch's Kiss: The Everlasting Battle Between the Dark and the Light Side, Episode 1The Witch’s Kiss: The Everlasting Battle Between the Dark and the Light Side, Episode 1 by Antara Mann

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Genie has been stuck in the lamp for centuries, he’s had countless masters and mistresses, forced to grant their wishes, whatever they may be. But when Ezemalda finds his lamp, he doesn’t realise how much his existence is about to change. When Ezemalda is invited to the coming of age celebration of King Nruk’s daughter, she tells him a future that goes against all of his wishes for his daughter. After promising to break the curse on her, she forces him to sign a contract, should she be successful he will give her a kiss. After all, what’s in a kiss?

I was excited about this, pretty much a sure fire way to get me to buy your book is to have a witch in it. This one also included a genie, it had a very fairy tail feel to it so I was sold instantly. I received this first episode bundled with the second episode in an email freebie offer, I was able to get through the first episode as it was quite short (at least I think I did because there’s not really a point of indication where the episode finished and the second one began). However, I struggled so badly with the second episode that I decided to DNF it. I’m always really sad when I decide to DNF a book as I feel like I’m letting down the author as well as the story. I do try to get as far through a book that I can before DNFing, unless I start struggling on the first page.

The story was interesting enough, it follows Genie and Ezemalda and their story from their first meeting through to current events. It shows what happens with King Nruk and his daughter, it also brings into the story the battle between the Light and the Dark. This appears to be the main story line present through out this serialised publication. What I struggled with the most was the use of language and the voice of the story. I believe this is aimed at adults (at least I THINK it is), yet the voice of the story was very juvenile. It actually came across as though it was a fairy tail being told to a child. I’m not sure if this was the intent of the author, but it just didn’t work for me and really detracted from the story itself. It just came across as too childish. What annoyed me with the use of language was, Ezemalda is a witch, but in this story she is also called a wizard, and a magician, she’s possibly also referred to as a warlock, but I could be wrong. Now, it may come across as nitpicking, but for me, these terms all mean different things. A magician is an illusionist, who does parlour tricks, a witch is…well…a witch, a wizard is the male of the species, though I also accept male witches in my understanding. Sometimes Wizards are seen as a different class. This just irked me from the minute I saw it. I just don’t believe that a witch can be called a witch in one sentence then a magician in the next. It muddies the waters so to speak for me.

The story itself was interesting enough, but I felt that the pacing was really off. The two episodes together were less than 200 pages, but I was just struggling so badly to get through it (hence the DNFing). There seemed to be a fair bit happening in the story itself, but it just came across as boring to me. I read enough to hope that I’d at least finished the first instalment and had at least given the second one a fair go, I just checked, I DNF’d at 45%, so I feel that I gave it a fair shot.

While this wasn’t my cup of tea, I do appear to be in the minority with my rating and views, though there is a noticeable line of either you like it or you don’t, there doesn’t appear to be much of an in between here. I’m glad that so many people enjoyed this story, I just wish I was one of you. Unfortunately I won’t be continuing with the series.

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