Case of the Shinigami by K.C. Hunter

Case of the Shinigami (Kana Cold #0.5)Case of the Shinigami by K.C. Hunter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The McNeil family are having issues, big issues. It started around 12 months ago, their four year old daughter had unexplainable bruising, and was having constant night terrors. Her parents, Mark and Alice, have spent a massive amount of money, taking little Melody to all the best specialists they could find, but to no avail. No one can explain what’s happening to Melody, no one at all. After a particularly brutal attack on the girl, Mark hears of a paranormal investigator who might be able to help them where everyone else failed. Kana Cold is a rum-drinking, muscle car driving, foul mouthed cold bitch, but she’s damn good at her job. With no where left to turn, the McNeil’s put all their faith in Kana, can she crack the case?

This was an absolute delight to read. I’m a big fan of paranormal investigation books, especially when the protagonists seem to have a touch of the paranormal themselves. Something about mixing the mystery, the horror and the paranormal just really works for me. This one definitely did not disappoint (hence the 5 star rating). I breezed through this story in the matter of hours between finishing dinner and heading to bed. That’s how good of a read it is.

The story is incredibly fast paced and actually opens up with Alice and Mark McNeil talking to a reporter of sorts about their story. So the body of the story itself, can technically be counted as a retelling, but it didn’t feel like it at all. I actually totally forgot about this aspect of the story when I reached the epilogue, I almost closed the Kindle app until I realised that it was still going. I became fully immersed in this story because of the solid character’s and the flow of the writing. Absolutely brilliantly executed.

Kana definitely comes across as a cold hard bitch, but it works for her. Yes it irked me at times when she took things so personally, but the reason why is explained, so I can cut her some slack. AJ is a great support character and I really enjoyed him in this. Alice just plain pissed me off. I knew why she was terrified, I knew why she was angry and afraid, but she still pissed me off with her actions.

Funnily enough, Kana is noted as being underage in this story, yet it doesn’t feel like it. I feel that this is a big plus for the story itself.

This was a fantastic prequel to the Kana Cold series, and I cannot wait to dive in and find out more. It really sets up what is obviously going to be a continuing story line through out each of the individual instalments in the series itself, so I feel like it’s really important to read this one before the rest of the series (I could be wrong, I haven’t touched the series itself yet, but I can’t wait to). I feel like this really gives us a good view on why certain things may be happening in the main body of the series itself.

This felt a lot like another series that I devoured and absolutely adored, the Peri Jean Mace ghost thriller series. To be honest, they’re totally nothing alike, but the grittiness of the protagonist made it pop into my head while reading this. I actually adore when a main character has flaws, has serious issues and is not just all rainbows and lollipops. It’s refreshing. And it comes across as a lot more believable. Generally if you’re in this ‘game’ of paranormal investigations, there’s a serious reason for it as it can consume someone’s entire life. So it’s nice to have that little bit of realism in a story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this, I flew through it in one sitting (yes, I know, it’s not that long, but still…), and I cannot WAIT to get the rest of the series!! I just have to get through this ridiculous TBR pile first…

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