The Spark by D.B. Green (Meridia Falls #1)

The Spark (Meridia Falls #1)The Spark by D.B. Green

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Actual rating of 3.75

Logan is seventeen. When he was younger, he witnessed his sister being kidnapped and dragged through a white door in the middle of the woods. At least, that’s what he thought. After extensive treatment and therapist, he has now accepted that his dad was the one who kidnapped and murdered his little sister, Cassie. Starting fresh, he is moving back to Meridia Falls to live with the Grandmother he never knew he had. Everything is grand, besides the reoccurring dream he has about a strange girl leading him through the same woods that his sister disappeared in, of course. His first day at his new school, he’s happy to be getting back to some normalcy, that is until he meets a girl who throws a proverbial spanner into the wheel of his life. The same girl he’s been dreaming about, who may just hold all the answers that he’s been looking for.

Can I just say, I was SO surprised by this story. It’s another one that I got for free from a random email, so I never really hold high hopes for books I find this way, but this one blew me away. The story was incredibly engaging and a definite page turner. I struggled to put it down. It’s fast paced, even through the slice of life portions of the story setup. I’d put this as a young adult…I’m not sure if I want to say sci-fi, or fantasy to be honest, because this instalment gave a wonderful opening to an incredibly promising series, but it hasn’t really given much away as to the nature of the full story yet, which I personally think is fantastic and will definitely keep people coming back for the next book.

I found the character of Logan to be relatable, and just all round a character I can get behind. He’s not ashamed of the struggles that he’s had, he’s not ashamed of what he went through, but he’s trying his best to move past everything and have a life worth living. He still misses his sister loads, which is understandable, being the big brother and all, and I think it’s so endearing that he still talks to her photo, and also writes her letters – this last part has been mentioned as being part of his grief counselling, but it’s something that he still does, and I absolutely love that. The character of Marilyn, or Maz to her friends, was a nice surprise. She’s the rich girl, but I actually loved the development of her character (even though we’ve just met her we’re told about what happened before Logan came on the scene), I really enjoyed her character and I’m hoping that she’s a permanent part of the story as the series continues. As for Penny, I liked her, but I didn’t get a good feel for her in this first book. I feel like she’ll be an interesting character, but my verdict is still out on her as a whole.

The plot is incredibly interesting and holds loads of promise, I’m hanging to get my TBR pile down so that I can buy the rest of the series and see where the hell this story is going to go!

There were a few issues editing wise, just missed words, or wrongly spelled words, but as a whole, it honestly didn’t detract from the story that much.

The one thing that makes me cringe a little, and this MIGHT be a bit of a spoiler, so you can choose to leave now if you wish….

Insta-love. That is a thing that is very prominent in this story. I understand the reason behind the feelings, at least, as far as it’s been explained so far. And I feel like it is a GREAT explanation for the inclusion of the whole insta-love thing, but it just irks me still. Like I get that these characters have known about each other way before they even knew the other actually existed in real life, but it’s the first day and they’re already dropping the love word. I think this could be why I also have an issue with Penny to be honest. I’m hoping that my opinion changes as the story continues, but we’re yet to see. I also found it a bit strange that Maz is so accepting of the random door she encounters. I get that her boyfriend couldn’t see it, and that raises even more questions that I need answered, hence me hanging to get on to the rest of the series. I suppose, the more I think about it, the more she didn’t exactly have a chance to freak out properly over it, which I’m guessing that’s going to come in the second instalment in this series.

Overall, I’m incredibly intrigued, and this is a strong start to what is promising to be a fantastic series. It’s short, just over a hundred pages, so if you THINK you might like it, you’re not exactly wasting time if you read it and decide it’s not for you. So I say, give it a go, and see what you think 🙂

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