The Perfect Mate by C.E. Black

The Perfect MateThe Perfect Mate by C E Black

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Actual rating of 2.5

Susan is on the run from her old pack in Vancouver. She’s been running for so long now, it’s just become second nature. When she ends up in Savannah, Georgia, she is prepared to have to pack up and leave after she’s summoned by the Pack Master of the local pack for a meeting. However, she is met with kindness and generosity, as well as a hell of a lot more than she bargained for when she encounters Paul one of the pack’s guards. She’s not in any position to settle down, and besides, that would only happen when she found her mate, though the attraction to Paul is incredibly hard to ignore.

I received this for free, I think from the author? I think I entered a giveaway at some point and one this book, which was awesome! It’s always exciting to win books, well, for me it is anyway.

I’m super torn on this one. I’ll try and go through all the thoughts that went through my head, so I apologise if it gets a bit messy and chaotic in this review.

So, first up, I hated Susan, hahaha. I honestly don’t know why. At first she was okay, she’s on the run, she’s running from something terrible and she’s just doing her damn best and trying to find some sense of permanence in her life. After being on the run for a year, I think she’s earned it. So I didn’t mind her at the start of the story, she’s was a pretty nothing character if I’m honest. There wasn’t a whole lot of depth to her. I understand her apprehension at revealing TOO much of her past to pack master’s because she never knows who’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing so to speak. But at the same time, if you want to put down roots, you’ve gotta start putting some trust in people at some point. Again, I understand that’s hard because of her past, I’m so torn on it. It annoys me, but I completely understand.

I found Paul to be irritating at first, and I cringed at every single sex scene that happen in this very short book. I’m not a prude, I have no issue with sex in books at all, I find that it adds a bit of spice, another dimension if you will, to the story itself, and it can definitely help character relationships grow and evolve which is ALWAYS a good thing. In this one though, I just didn’t feel the connection between Paul and Susan. I’m not sure why. And Paul’s actions generally made me cringe when I encountered them. Especially when he actually firsts meets Susan. What was with that? I feel like it was probably the whole “alpha” (though not really because he’s not an alpha) male thing coming through. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, this time it just didn’t for me.

I found the pacing to be lacking a bit in the beginning, but it picked up once I hit the halfway mark, it still dropped in places though which was a bit irritating for such a short book. It felt like it took me way too long to get through it.

To be honest, I didn’t actually know that this was an urban fantasy story. I just thought it was a general run of the mill romance thing, so that pleasantly surprised me. Urban fantasy is one of my favourite genres. I loved the addition of the werewolf thing to the story, and I feel like it really helped elevate it.

One thing that annoyed me SO much is that Susan is a very strong willed character. She’s more towards the dominant side, so when her personality switched to what she thought she HAD to be, it really annoyed me. I don’t understand why she just assumed that’s what was expected of her. Why not ask? I don’t get it. This really irked me. To have such a strong character turn into such a submissive just didn’t work for me. If she’d been submissive in the start I feel that it would have made a lot more sense. I’m glad that things changed, and this is where I actually liked Paul’s character.

The story itself was definitely interesting. I thought the whole purpose behind Susan’s running was well thought out and executed. And I adored the way the story turned out in the end. I really started to warm up to the characters in the last quarter of the story, so that was nice.

I felt that there was too much sex for such a short story. As I said earlier, I’m cool for my books to have a sex in them, even for it to be more descriptive (a la Anita Blake), I just felt that there was too much in this one. I read the first one and then just skimmed through the rest because I just didn’t find them enjoyable to read. Possibly because I wasn’t connected to the characters.

All in all, it was an okay book, I feel that it could have had another round of editing to smooth out some mispelling, and wrongly used words, but other than that it was okay. I’d probably put this more towards the erotica side of the urban fantasy genre. I guess, I’m still thinking about the characters and the story, so that’s something. Once again, this is a short book at just over 100 pages, so I do say to give it a go if the genre is your sort of thing.

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