Short Story Collection #7

We’re almost to the end of this short story journey I decided to take in order to clear out a bit of my TBR pile. It’s worked a bit I must say, I’ve gotten down to about 175 unread books on my kindle now, so I’m going to continue whittling away before I buy or take on anymore ARC’s.

The Voice Of The VoicelessThe Voice Of The Voiceless by S.A. Tedman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Elisabeth Delroy has spent her entire existence attempting to fix the world. However, she realises that it’s not going the way she had hoped it would. One night, her life is given new purpose when she is visited by the voice of the voiceless one, who gives her a mission. Protect a child that is yet to be born, he has immense power, and the ability to bring back someone who was lost to Elisabeth many moons ago. He will be The Dreamwalker.

I found the premise of this story to be super intriguing, and can we please just take a second to bask in the gloriousness that is that cover?! How freaking beautiful is it!!! I must admit, the cover is what made me click on the book in the first place, without that, I may have completely moved past this book without downloading it from the email I received.

While the premise was super interesting and had me needing to know more, I felt that the execution of the story itself was lacking a little. We’re constantly bombarded by talk of ‘him’ and no, I don’t mean (at least I don’t think so) God or one of the many versions of Gods. We are just treated to Elisabeth missing ‘him’ and thinking about all the things ‘he’ did and could have done had he not….died? Disappeared? Been kidnapped? I’m honestly not sure…I’m assuming he was wiped from existence somehow, but to be honest, I don’t even know who ‘he’ is. It’s never explained…I’m not sure if this is something that is explained in the series? I’m assuming it would have to be, it seems like a pretty large cornerstone of the whole story. Was I meant to read the series before this book so I had a better idea of what was going on? I’m honestly not sure. I was actually incredibly confused for a good portion of the book. All these things are happening, and Elisabeth is talking about and doing all these things, yet I had absolutely no freaking clue what was going on, until maybe 2/3rds of the way through. And this being a short story, that was pretty close to the end.

I was a bit confused as it’s mentioned that Elisabeth likes to have a little bit of blood mixed in with her beverage, so at first I was like “Is she a vampire?” but no, she’s not. I’d definitely place this in the Urban Fantasy category as it’s based in the real world, though I’m not a hundred percent sure where the Delacourt Academy is based. I’m not sure if it’s in like a pocket of another universe, or is it’s actually based in the real world and cloaked. It’s not really explained. I know that storms apparently don’t happen there and she wants to turn it into an art school, but that’s about it. And Elisabeth often makes mention of having failed to ‘save’ characters…though they’re still walking around conversing with her, and I’m pretty sure they’re not spirits. So, yeah, as I said, this was a giant ball of confusion that I still have so many questions about. I do understand the whole Physical/Psychic war that’s happening, to some extent. I’m assuming the physicals are some form of shifter? As it’s not really explained. and the Psychics have mental abilities from what I could work out.

The writing itself was absolutely beautiful, and the world and characters are incredibly intriguing. I especially enjoyed the characters of Victoria, Elisabeth and the butler..(I wanna say Alfred, but I’m pretty sure that’s wrong). I’m intrigued to see where the story goes, and I’m really eager to get some freaking answers to my myriad of questions after finishing this. So I will continue with the series and see how we go from there.

Death MagicDeath Magic by M.J. Kraus

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

William Silver is a wizard from the most prestigious family in the fold. Though he’s not exactly adept at magic. He works as a beat cop for a local police station, and investigates supernatural crime on the side. This one was supposed to be easy, infiltrate a bleed farm and save the humans that were enslaved there. However it turns into something a lot bigger than Will was anticipating. After dispatching a vamp, Will comes across an old book, apparently it belongs to someone pretty powerful, and also possesses a lot of power itself. But what the hell is it? And what is the being it belongs to planning on doing with it?

A great starter to a series. This story was a fantastic introduction to the character William Silver as well as the world he resides in. I found him to be sassy and fun as a character, and a little bit arrogant, but not in an annoying way, if that makes sense. I really enjoyed the character of Sully and his wife Sam too. I love how fun and easy going this story was, even though the threat encountered was pretty massive it still came across as lighthearted which was great.

The only problem I had with it was possibly the pacing…the story itself was fine, and there was stuff happening, but for such a short story it seemed to take me way too long to finish it. I’m not sure if I was just having a lull in my reading enthusiasm or if the pacing of the story was just a bit off.

I’m definitely interested in continuing with the series, and I absolutely love the world building that Kraus executed in this story. Colour me intrigued.

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