Lovestruck by Kate Watson

LovestruckLovestruck by Kate Watson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, North Star Editions, and the author via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Kali is a cupid in training. She’s responsible for making the matches between a human couple if she believes they would make a good fit. However, she’s not loving her destiny as much as she used to, since the Thunderclap, she’s come to believe that it doesn’t really matter what anyone does, the fates are responsible for everything anyway, and things will happen how they have been written. She does, however, have a slight investment into a mortie called Ben that she’s been on assignment to for the past 5 weeks, she’s knows exactly who she’s going to match him with, as well as knowing everything there is to know about him. The problem comes when, while just about to match Ben with his forever love, Kali accidentally spikes herself on the end of one of her own arrows, just as he locks eyes with her. This creates a problem because a match made with an immortal, cannot be broken by a simple reversal arrow, in fact, Kali is told that they can’t be broken period. So now a cupid in training feels incredibly strongly towards a mortie and her life is turned upside down. What a day.

So this story intrigued me because of the Greek mythology included in the story. It delves quite deep into the majority of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, but in a way that makes them seem like normal people which I really enjoyed. I felt like they were all written really well, and they really added another layer to this story.

I was disappointed though when the pacing in the first half of the book just…wasn’t moving. When I’m constantly checking the percentage that I’m through at the bottom right hand corner of my kindle, I know that the pace is lagging. I’m not sure if this was because I didn’t really care about Kali and Ben’s budding romance, or if it was just that not a whole lot was happening in the first half. After the 55% mark, I found that the story picked up pace again and flew threw the last half of the book.

I found that I was way more interested in pretty much every other character rather than Ben and Kali. Kali was an interesting character, don’t get me wrong, but I just found that she was SOOOOOOO self involved. I get it, she’s a goddess, a cupid in training, she makes forever love matches. But seriously? She just came across super self involved and I feel like that irked me a bit. I get that that does have a lot to do with the story, but her fawning over the mortal boy was only passable because that was the main hook of the whole story. She totally disregards everyone else, and even gets snappy when Hector (her best friend) shows interest in another girl. I also understand the point of that, but I’m just finding it hard to feel endeared towards her self involvement.

I loved Teresa’s character and I’m a little shattered that we didn’t get to see more of her story. I loved the trip she took to the underworld and the interaction with Cerberus. That was a masterful stroke for me!

In all honestly for most of the book it was sitting at around a 2.5 star rating, but after enjoying the second half more than the first, I bumped it up because it did appeal a little more. I ended up quite enjoying all of the characters and the way their stories were going. I also enjoyed the message of the book as a whole. Which I won’t share here, because otherwise what’s the point in reading it?

I’d put this as a young adult fantasy romance. Fantasy purely because of the magic and Greek God and Goddess stuff, but I’d also put it as a coming of age story as well I think. I feel like Kali’s character development was done really well for a stand alone story, I felt like by the last page, I could definitely see growth there which was great.

This was an easy going light read, if you find yourself struggling through the first half of the book, stick with it, it does pick up.

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