Freaky Witches by Amanda M. Lee

Freaky Witches (A Mystic Caravan Mystery Book 7)Freaky Witches by Amanda M. Lee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Poet and the gang at Mystic Caravan Circus have arrived in the small, witchy town of Hemlock Cove. Home to the Winchester family, three generations of female witches, with Aunt Tillie at the helm. Once Mystic Caravan arrive in town for a witch festival that is promising to be massive, they can feel the magic in the air but aren’t 100% sure what to make of it. When they find a dead body at their boundary, that’s when the fun starts. Poet and the gang take on their normal procedures of trying to narrow down who did it and whether it was supernatural in nature, as that’s their gig, take down the supernatural – and sometimes human – baddies and move along. However, this time things take a turn for the different and hilarious when they cross paths with the Winchester women. After feeling each other out, they decide that it’s safe enough to work together to bring this case to a close, and once Tillie and Nellie cross paths, hilarity ensues.

So I was SO super excited when I read the blurb for this instalment of mystic caravan. I’ve been reading the series from the start and have loved every minute of it, and I’ve also read at least the first 5 odd books in the Winchester Witches series as well. So I was incredibly familiar with all characters involved. I cannot speak more highly of how Lee handled this crossover, which could be read by people who haven’t read one of the series mashed together in this book before. Enough backstory is given about both parties, that the reader understands what is going on, though they may not quite understand the little one liners and jokes thrown about. I would suggest reading at least the first book in each series so you have a feel for the characters and their antics before attempting this one, read more if you feel like it, but I feel like a lot of the fun would be lost if you’re unfamiliar with the characters in either party.

It was so interesting reading about the Winchesters from an outside point view. I felt that maybe a tiny bit of personality was lost on Bay’s behalf seeing her from the oustide though, or maybe that just showed me more of who she really is? She is a lot calmer than Poet for sure, but she never seemed THIS calm and put together when I was reading her series which is written in first person, so as we are privy to all her thoughts and emotions. It honestly didn’t bother me too much though, I was having too much fun wondering what the hell was going to happen next.

Kade is still trying to deal with their last case, and is having a hard time of it. He still annoyed the tripe out of me at times in this story, but I’ve come to accept that this is just who Kade is, I’ll never be 100% okay with him because he’s just annoying sometimes. So is Luke though, so it’s okay. These characters are written to be very strong in different ways I believe, and it definitely does come through in the writing. I suppose you could think of it in the way that, if a character is annoying you, then the author has done a good job. They’ve made you feel something towards their characters, which to me shows depth, and to feel something for the story which to me is just a fantastic author.

Now to my two favourite characters out of each series – Aunt Tillie and Nellie. I absolutely LOVED that Lee made these two partners in crime. It is so freaking perfectly fitting that it could not have been made any better if she tried. I love Aunt Tillie’s insane ways of driving everyone up the wall and Nellie’s just…well, he’s just Nellie. He’s easy going, always out for a good time and apparently a woman in their 80s is in her prime for him, so they’re just a perfect match. The absolute mischief these two get up to is just hilarious and well played out. It really added something to the story in my eyes.

They mystery was done well, even though it did take a slight backseat to the mashing of the two sets of characters I was okay with that. I was honestly more interested in seeing how the characters worked together to get to the bottom of the mystery rather than the mystery itself if I’m honest. I mean, I still cared about who did it and why and all that, but I was happy just reading a mash-up of a bunch of great characters. I didn’t have the culprit worked out before the reveal which, if you’ve read my reviews before, you know that I’m a big fan of not knowing until it’s time, so that was fantastic. It was a believable mystery, though definitely one of the lower key ones our characters have dealt with in their times.

All in all, I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed this, and I really hope we get to see another meeting between the two groups some time in the future. I would love for Aunt Tillie to come and visit the circus on it’s travels at some point. Or for Nellie or Poet to rock up in Hemlock Cove to help out.

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