Hunter Hunted (Lizzie Grace #3) by Keri Arthur

Hunter Hunted (Lizzie Grace, #3)Hunter Hunted by Keri Arthur

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Actual rating of 4.5

It’s almost Christmas and Lizzie and Belle are run off their feet at the cafe. They’ve been allowed to stay on the reservation, and things with Aiden are beginning to get serious. Everything is going swell, until Lizzie gets knocked down by an incredibly powerful dark magic, calling Ashworth, they follow it to the source and find a skinned werewolf who is still clinging to life. Once they realise that this is just no random attack, they are racing against the clock to find the dark witch responsible for the magic that Lizzie felt, all the while, trying to catch the werewolf hunters who are collecting pelts, and trying to work out the connection between what’s going on and the dead witch Ashworth and Liz found at the sight of the dark magic circle.

This is number 3 in Arthur’s Lizzie Grace series, and it is just as fantastic as the others. I first fell in love with Arthur’s work when I came across the Riley Jensen series a long while back, I have read a couple of her other series, but I haven’t enjoyed any as much until now. This series brings with it the excitement of reading a fantastic urban fantasy story with strong female leads and a little romance thrown in with it’s mystery.

At first I was a bit annoyed at Liz because she was so adamant that the dark witch was dead, and completely wrote off the fact that they heard a motorbike gunning it away from the crime scene. I mean, what’s to say that the dark witch wasn’t the one who had done the shooting and took off? As the story progressed my annoyance dropped to minimal as things were explained and I could understand Liz’s reasoning behind her assumptions.

I love how we’re learning more and more about Liz and Belle as well as the wild magic and it’s connection to Liz. It’s a slowly developing story that is threaded through each new installment and fantastically woven into the main theme for each subsequent book. I love the characters, there is honestly not one character that I can say that I don’t like. They’re all very believable, very real, and they all have their flaws which is fantastic. I’m really interested to see how the relationship between Liz and the wellspring develops and what happens when Ashworth finds out the truth about Liz, Belle and their actual relationship of being witch and witch familiar. I love Ashworth’s grandfatherly qualities and I sincerely hope that his character sticks around for a while.

Liz and Aiden’s relationship is progressing slowly and it’s written perfectly. I love how Arthur can make you feel the anxiety and doubt that sometimes plagues Liz because she’s not a werewolf. I also love that it is not the main focus of the story. Some paranormal romance books lose the main plot of the story in the romance and it can become quite annoying at times, this one is perfectly balanced.

I’m looking forward to the next book and I can’t wait to see what trouble Liz and Belle find themselves in next.

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