Deceased and Desist by Misty Simon

Deceased and Desist (A Tallie Graver Mystery #3)Deceased and Desist by Misty Simon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Kensington Books, and the author via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Tallie Graver has settled back into her life of being the help, and she’s enjoying it to no end. She especially loves doing windows. So while she’s out at the local inn cleaning the windows in preparation for the grand re-opening this coming weekend, she spots a man in one of the upstairs rooms, even though there’s not meant to be anyone there yet. At first she thinks nothing of it, until the window gets a bit cleaner and she realises that 1. he hasn’t blinked the whole time, and 2. his neck is at an extremely odd angle. Just as she notices this, she sees the bedroom door close as someone walks out. Once again she’s landed herself a dead body, one that she really didn’t want. This throws her into a mystery of epic proportions, along with a stand in police chief who really does not like her one bit. With no one believing her that it was murder, instead preferring to buy into the dodgy coroner’s report about it being death by heart attack, she is determined to prove to everyone that she was right, as well as find the killer and make her little town safe once more.

This was a really fast paced cosy mystery, and I absolutely loved it. Tallie is a really likeable character, even though she comes across as incredibly naive at times, like with Burton’s hand signals. I especially rolled my eyes at her daftness when Burton mentions that Tallie took sign language when she was in primary school. But other than that, I really enjoyed her character. And I wish I enjoyed washing windows as much as she does!

This is actually the third book in the Tallie Graver Mystery series, and I haven’t read the previous two, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to be looking for them now! I really enjoyed the fast paced mystery, it was such an easy and engrossing read that I had no problems sitting down and plowing through this book in a day.

The mystery was well thought out, and I actually had no sure idea on whodunit, I had a couple of inklings, but I didn’t have it worked out until right before the big reveal. Anyone who has read any of my previous reviews knows that I love a mystery that I don’t have worked out within the first third of the book, it’s never as fun as when you’re finding out things when the characters are.

The writing was lovely and had a great flow to it. Simon’s ability at writing distinctly different characters is fantastic and there’s not one character I can pick fault with. I loved and hated them all as they were, and wouldn’t have changed a thing.

I’m eager to see whether Tallie takes up her father’s offer on joining the mortuary full time and as a partner. And I cannot wait to see how her cat and new dog’s relationship blossoms. I found it saw adorable that her cat, who hates nearly everyone but Gina, really connected with Peanut. It had definite “aww” factor and made me smile.

If you want a quick and easy read with a satisfying story line and likeable characters, then I definitely suggest you check out this book.

Unfortunately there’s honestly not much more for me to say about it, other than it was an enjoyable cosy mystery 🙂

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