The Legacy by S. P. Brown

The LegacyThe Legacy by S.P. Brown

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, BooksGoSocial, and the author via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Harry Black has spent his entire childhood being brainwashed by his eccentric Grandmother, Agnes. His whole life he has had horror stories of the Black Legacy thrown at him with no regard for his feelings, or what he wants for his own life. As Agnes edges closer and closer to death, harry is angered to find out that his inheritance will be delayed, he will not receive a single thing entitled to him until such time as he accept the legacy. As Harry believes it to be nothing but stories and the ramblings of an old woman, he doesn’t understand how he is ever supposed to receive what is rightfully his. Until he realises that the recurring nightmare he’s been having is more than just a nightmare. After witnessing an unexplainable situation, he starts to wonder whether all the stories Agnes told him really ARE just stories. What follows is a man unsure of his role in a war that has been raging for centuries, and the big bad that he believed to be nothing but myth turning it’s sights onto the American Government in a bid to further their plans. Will Harry be able to rise to the challenge before him? Will he finally accept his legacy?

The concept of this story was very intriguing. A man who has no idea what he really comes from, believing it all to be nothing but childish stories and the end of life ramblings of his dying Grandmother, having his mind changed through out of this world situations that he realises he has no control over. The supernatural elements of this story were well thought out and connect flawlessly, the small twists and turns were executed brilliantly and I applaud Brown for this.

The characters were great. I especially liked Agnes and Boone, I loved their involvement in the overall story and that ending was bittersweet. Boone was probably my favourite character if I’m honest. Harry was likable and I feel that he portrayed the skeptic turned believer very well. It annoys me in stories when these absolutely fantastical things are happening, the main character is a skeptic, and then is suddenly turned into a complete believer with no questions. This isn’t how it happens with Harry, he fights it until he’s blue in the face before being confronted with irrefutable evidence to the contrary, making his transition believable.

I loved the addition of the Grigori, I thought they were an awesome aspect of the story as well as the safe haven that is Black Manor. One thing this author does well, is sow the seeds of doubt with certain characters. I actually felt how Harry must have, I didn’t know who to trust, I didn’t know if I could actually trust anyone, and that is a mark of a great writer. Being able to instill the reader with the feelings of the characters.

I felt the beginning third of the book was very slow. I understand that there was a lot of information needed to be able to understand what was going on, but I found the focus on the political aspect to be a bit boring. Yes, I’m aware that this was basically the whole purpose of the bad guys in this story, getting a political hold on the US, but I felt that maybe there was too much time given to this portion of the story? I’m not too sure. It just dragged for me. Once things started happening the pacing picked up considerably. This only took me four days to read, but it felt like it took so much longer. I almost considered DNFing this story but decided to stick with it as I hate not finishing books, especially those that I requested for reviewing purposes. I’m glad that I stuck with it, but the story overall didn’t have that WOW factor that I look for in books. It was an entertaining enough story, the characters were likable, it was well written and thought out, it just came out as a mediocre read for me.

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